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    Thread: the first 6 months........

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      It's easy to burn money on arrival. Buy a new car or buy second hand.... big difference (we bought new by the way, but its a big chunk)
      After that it's a case of "do i really need it?"
      But you will have to replace all of those day to day items you took for granted.

      It cost's to set up, but once done that should be it.

      Many think it's cheap to shop here,,,,,,,,, compare prices of TV's.

      After a while, i think you do find living cheaper here, and a lot happier too.

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      Quote Originally Posted by ianb View Post
      Yes Tyke is spot on, at the start its all outgoings. It certainly makes you realise how good an idea it is to bring everything you had in the uk with you. Even the small items that you dont think you will need you will end of buying here!
      The biggest thing is though the earlier you get money coming in the easier it is. The best thing to do is not go to mad when you get here buying the things that can wait. I know its nice to have all nice and new things but you need to think about the savings.
      We brought everything with us and soooo glad we did. We didn't go mad when we arrived, bought a car, needed one single bed but our savings have been drained. I went to the launderettte for 6 weeks till our container arrived, shopping takes an age looking for specials etc, shop at cheap as chips for toiletries as well so I've not been going mad with money! I was a savvy shopper in the UK but even more now.
      We have had three days out with the children, Zoo, Victor Harbour and Cleland so not really gone mad there either!
      I find everything here expensive except for red meat and chicken.
      My OH gets paid 4 weekly which isn't going to help so I am doing an excel spreadsheet to account for his wages. Everything we spend is getting written down and we'll just see how we go, but looking at it now I think we'll just have enough to last till he gets paid again, so no savings going back into the pot!
      Think if we'd known how expensive it is here we probably wouldn't have got on the plane, but time will tell !
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      sorry won't be able to make this fri as working fri, sat n sun!!, really could do with a nite out too!,

      let us know when ur out next :), will let others know if i see them

      thanks, ange x


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