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      hi everyone

      the areas in the north that i saw that i would live r golden grove highbury and modbury heights. But everywhere in north was very pleasant

      cheers pete7family;)

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      details of trip

      gday poms

      me and my family r looking forward to r future in adelaide we r applying 4 visa
      meet family in modbury in the north and visited the city and zoos etc its a great family life and social life i am a soccer player and i trained with a club in para hills and was invited to coach a team when back REMEMBER ITS THE WINTER ASWELL AND EVERYONE SAYS TGHE SUMMER WILL BE BETTER;)
      aswell the houses r out of this world if u get a new build and just quick to say i broke my ankle in adelaide and i want to go back LOVED IT


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      Hi Peter
      Welcome to the site.........yay from Brighton...We are from Newhaven!
      Good luck with the visa, Cant help with plastering info, if they are on the list then there must be jobs!

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      Hi Pete,

      I'm glad to hear you loved Adelaide as much as we do.

      I have a friend who is a site manager on a building site. If you want I can ask him about work for plasters here and give you some feedback.

      Take Care
      Judi x

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      ralph n bev
      Hiya Pete and family
      Were looking to settle in the North east, we think!! Ralphs a builder, so we think the North would be better for us. We thought about Mount Barker, with it being a self contained little town, and are still going to check it out when we do our recce in September, but have been put off it slightly. We had a few negative p.m's when we posted a thread asking about the area.
      Things look so different on the property sites, i dont think you can tell until you actually visit an area.I dont think a 2 week recce is long enough either, but as were not taking the kids , we may get more driving around done!!
      I do think a lot of people choose areas with a "well there are already a lot of brits there, so it cant be bad," attitude.
      I know lots of people think they are going to go and settle in X and end up in A .
      Weve got to do the meds yet and havnt put the house up for sale, were going to wait till after the recce.
      I really wanted to go to the Coromandel Valley area , down South , as we'd prefer hills to beach, but feal it would be too far out for Ralph. But if he does his residential builders licence , he could work any where.
      So who knows where we will end up!!


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      Hi Welcome to the site :)

      Can't help with advice on the work front but just thought I'd say hello



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