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    Thread: Here we come......

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      Here we come......

      visa application lodged via agent last monday - accepted on friday! Flights booked and will be in Adelaide in 11th August.

      Any advice on how to tackle the next few weeks - shipping, closing bank accounts and obtaining refunds from car tax, council tax etc available. I remeber seeing a link a while ago on advising what needs to be cancelled prior to moving.

      Seaford (and area) here we come.............:D

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      Wow !!! Thats got to be the fastest visa EVER !!!
      Have to agree with your Seaford choice.

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      thats what i though, was told it would be at least a month.

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      wow that is one quick visa! we are thinking about the seaford area too - it seems pretty popular! someone else gave me a link to a great website www.adelaidebound.com that has loads of great advice about shipping and pretty much everything else!

      Good luck to you :D
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      Don't close all the bank accounts.

      Well done on the visa

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      Well done....Adelaide here you come.
      Agree with above, don't close all bank accounts. We have also kept an English Mastercard as currently we aren't eligible for an Aus one. Of course I appreciate your situation may be different.

      Good luck and see you soon.
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      The Pottertons
      Wow congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with the journey. How exciting. Its sounds like its gonna be a busy time!!!!! Yvonne

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      Congrats and good luck with everything!

      Keep a bank acct open and also you can open an acct with Westpac out here on the website:



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