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    Thread: just saying "Hi"

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      Hi Pottertons,

      Sounds like you are hoping to be here soon, have to a date yet. Which area are you looking to settle in, or haven't you made your minds up yet. Does your husband have a job to come too? Be nice to hear from you again

      Bye Rita

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      Awww Brummie, thats a great account of your trip back home.

      We move to greenwith soon, currently in Dernancourt, our kids love it here. The upspeak is slowly starting.

      Hot in summer, just a little bit.

      Cold in winter, who thought you would wrap up so much at night? Brrrrrrr and i see this weekend is colder!

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      Hi Kangomik.

      I guess because it's been so long since I left England, the changes were dramatic. When we were living there you still had pounds shillings and pence. There was no spagetti junction. And it was still the old Bull Ring. It wasn't run down then either. I guess I never saw the old Bull Ring in it's bad days, so don't appreciate the new Bull Ring as much as someone living there. I would love to come back for another visit though.


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      Hi Kangomik

      Sounds like we will be close neighbors soon, if you are moving to Greenwith. How long have you lived in Australia? I think because the summers are so hot, we feel the cold more in winter. And the weather changes so quick with just a short autumn and spring.


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      Hi Rita.

      13 months now, from Lancashire. We love it here. We are surprised at just how many rellies we have here. Before comming we did not know of any, but as the family look into it we find more and more.

      We move into the house this weekend, so we will be pretty close.

      The weather is great, yes it gets hot, very hot. But there are still 4 seasons. When it gets to frosting the vehicle windows next month i will just have to remeber how much snow the UK had this winter and smile.
      We were typical pomms last year, T shirt and shorts, laffing at the people with coats on.
      Now the daughter won't go to school without fleece and long pants unless its over 23 !!!!!
      So yes i agree we adapt fast, very fast. This should make us appreciate the warmth a little more.

      My wife usually meets the girls on the monthly meet up, has missed the last few due to rellies and work, but they usually have a good giggle from what i can gather.

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      Hi Kangomik,

      I don't know about frost, we don't get many days with frost. I know we did get a couple last year, but that isn't the norm. My youngest son who is 20 went out a took pics of the car with frost on, he hadn't seen it that often. He's never seen snow in his life.
      We live close to the village shopping centre, near the Golden Grove Primary School. Hopefully I will meet your wife at the next girls night out.


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      Hi Fozzie Bear,

      Why didn't you come back when you were an adult? Or couldn't you remember what it was like here? Did you parents regret going back in the long run.

      Rita Brummie

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      Hi Brummie

      I am considering coming back now, but have been mulling it over for some time. When I first started to look into things, the exchange rate was $2.54Au to the £, and house prices in the UK were booming. I'm not one to rush into things!!

      Not sure if I have missed the chance now, being 46. Am very much in my "comfort zone" with a nice house, decent job, no ties etc. A lot of people think I would be silly to give everything up on a chance, and should be looking to sort out a decent retirement in the UK. Others say "go for it - you will never know if you don't try".

      I have got an Australian passport, and by all accounts it would be straightforward for me to come back over and live. Am hoping to have funds to come out for a holiday/reccie next year, and feel that once I have visited I will know if I want to live there for good. Once my mind is made up either way, there will be no stopping me! One of my brothers visited a few years ago and loved it.

      My memories are happy ones - of sunshine, friendly people and almond groves, and spectacular lightning storms and "snake scares". To this day I would never take water from a tap without running it first (trapdoor spiders) - my parents must have made very sure I would be careful.

      At times my family regretted coming back, but admitted they needed to get on with life in the UK.

      I take it you and the family never considered moving the the UK permanently? None of the houses have outside loos anymore!!

      I guess it is very difficult to say, but is there a general Aus attitude to older employees - are experience and qualifications an asset? I am in admin/secretarial.


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      Birmingham & Midland Group (BMG)

      Birmingham and Midland Group, next function will be held at The Jetty Hotel, Glenelg. On Friday 24 February from 7.30 til late, enter the Hotel via Elizabeth Street and meet us in the Birmingham & Midland Bar.

      As Adelaide’s only UK expats based group we welcome all, so if you have been here a long time or are a new arrival, come and have a good time. All kids are welcome.

      Background on the Birmingham & Midland Group The Birmingham & Midland Group was established in 2006, this small group afternoon picnic, soon grew with other functions in various location around Adelaide into what has be come quite a large number of people. The word of BMG soon spread, with requests to attend our functions coming from wide and far, it wasn't long before local and U.K. radio stations were requesting interviews. It was soon realised that the individuals and families attending arrived in Adelaide at various times some back in the late 50's and others within a day or two of before attending their first function.

      The purpose and philosophy of the Birmingham & Midlands Group Firstly it is to have a laugh with memories and stories over drinks and/or food with fellow migrants whether they be old or new arrivals, however what has become a vital and most important role for the group is that at times we serve as a first point of contact to new arrivals helping them put down their roots and giving support at this very stressful time, as we all know.

      I should mention and make it clear that by name, The Birmingham and the Midlands Group does attract a large number people from these area's, however the last thing we would want is to become exclusive and this is why this is why this is an open invitation to all.

      Follow us on facebook or make contact on 0410498127 or sjadamsinstallations@yahoo.com.au.


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