This is an open letter to anyone who is thinking of coming to South Australia.

Check out the new version of google earth, most of Australia is now on the google street version, where you can see a 360% view of the area. It will give you a better understanding of the areas. You will be able to see which areas are built up and which are more country. (Make sure the street view is clicked in the side panel otherwise it won't work). Anyone new to google earth just click on one of the cameras in a street and it will take you to street view. Exit picture to be able to look at another one. You will be able to see around the city of Adelaide before you come, and the areas you are thinking of coming to.

If you are looking for work, go to or that's two sites to look for jobs and for houses both to rent and buy.

Hope this is of some use to people thinking of coming here.

Rita (Brummie)