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      The Ashtons

      SHIPPING ???????????????.

      Any tips or advice on who to use and who not to use please .We were going to go with Anglo but just seen some bad info on the poms in oz forum any halp will be appretiated Thanks.
      ps did u all see Adelaide today on Wanted(BBC)

      c u :shock: :shock: :shock:

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      taylor family
      :D Hi to the ashtons.
      just a few numbers for you to ring that have been recomended to us by our agents.
      Britania 0845 600 666 1 or the nearest office to you is warrington on 01925 635635. half container 450cft 2.200 - 850cft 3.350
      Doree Bonner 01159 258100 email levett@dbonner.co.uk web www.doreebonner.co.uk 315cft 1.665
      White&Company Leeds 0113 2422008 - 445cft 1.850 full container 3.475.
      hope that helps a bit the people who came to see us where very polite and answered any questions hope you dont have a lot of wicker or untreated wood you want to take not allowed by aussie customs so good luck with those numbers and let us know how you get on.
      what are you doing with finances I am being offered $2.47722 to the pound at the moment if you want the name let us know.
      alan and laura. :D :D

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      Hi Ashtons

      Here are a few you can get in touch with - http://www.adelaidebound.com/migrating.htm

      We called in 3 for quotes last year - Dorree Bonner, John Masons and White & Co. For a full (1050 cubic feet) 20ft container with pack and unpack service ranged from 3800 to 6200!!!! :shock:

      We have a couple more (Pickfords and Bishops) coming Monday so see what they come up with too :lol:

      There is a questionnaire on Adelaide Bound with loads of questions to ask them when they arrive to so you can compare them all. We have read good and bad on most of the shipping companies.

      It makes your head spin trying to get the 'right' one but I think if you use one that is registered with BAR and you get a good feeling from them (knowledgable, prompt, friendly etc) then you should go with them.

      Lisa :D

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      Hi Lisa

      Did the other 2 shippers give you their quotes?

      Just wondered whether there was an improvement on the 3 that you had already received !

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