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    Thread: All things ozzie

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      All things ozzie

      Hey guys – another newbie here (been a visitor to the site for some considerable time).

      Am mulling over the possibility of emigrating to Oz. Trouble is –

      1 For the life of me I can’t wear thongs, and
      2 I think those Snuggly things look like a brilliant idea!

      Should I be thinking about Canada instead?

      Seriously though, I am hoping to be able to come over for a holiday/reccie next year. The idea is to obtain a better picture of what I may be gaining from the move, and what I need to give up. Even with all the info and help you kindly provide on this site, it is just so difficult to get a handle on things without actually being there. Guess I will just have to be patient a little longer. I don’t have kids – so the better life would just be for me! Colleagues who have made the move themselves, and others with friends/family who have done it – all say how absolutely wonderful it is out there, and how they should have done it years ago.

      I should mention (and please don’t hate me for this) that I have an Australian passport (being born in Adelaide), and so don’t need to go through the Visa application process. However, the age 45 cut-off must be there for a reason – am I too old to be thinking about this at 46/47? Are the “Super” payments going to cost me and arm and a leg?

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      Hi Fozzie - as another holder of an aussie passport since birth, I have to say, go for it! Hey, why not? The thongs thing is surmountable, I promise!
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Preston v Adelaide?!? I know where i choose ;)
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      Thank you God! Someone else who likes the snuggly blanket things. Was afraid to admit to it, incase of persecution, but you have given me the strength.
      Yes, come to Adelaide, it might be nice to meet an Aussie for a change...

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      The Pottertons
      My advice.....get out there and have a look..as you said you need to get a feel for the place and we went out last year to do a research trip. Its amazing and the place is really in my heart and head and i cant wait to get back. Good Luck. Yvonne

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      Many thanks for the replies peeps.

      Wish I could make a trip over right now!

      There is conflicting advice for me over here – some say “go for it”, others say “don’t risk losing a nice house, good job, state pension/NHS, and everything you have worked hard for”. Mostly I feel I should be sensible and stay here in my comfort zone, but you know there is this niggling feeling in the back of my mind about Oz – somehow its seems like a gift having dual nationality, one that should not be wasted. Maybe I just like a challenge, or have inherited itchy feet!!

      I know it is a very subjective thing – so what makes Adelaide perfect for you?

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      OK, not actually living in Adelaide at the moment, due there next year. However, I've been there 5 times, OH 4. We've been to most of the main cities in Oz, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns but still love Adelaide. Have visited Adelaide during the summer (jezz it was warm), winter and spring and all fab!

      We have friends in Queensland, outside of Brisbane and although it was really nice, they were a fair distance from coast and the city itself. I have found with Adelaide you have the hills and the beach within easy reach, oh and the vineyards. I need to be able to visit a city, go to festivals, museums, universities etc and Adelaide certainly offers us that. Other huge bonus is that we have family and friends there. But aside from that, we would still choose Adelaide, it just feels right for us.

      Good luck with what you choose, it may be the best thing you have done, or the worst, but wouldn't you like to find out? :jimlad:
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      when we came over on a recci this Easter we really fell in love with Adelaide. We visited Sydney and loved it there too, but Adelaide felt more comfortable and straight away had a "at Home " feel to it. It has a clean and airy feel to it. No where is too far away - beach, city, hills or vineyards!

      I too have lots to give upin UK I love my job and have NHS pension, live in a great area of UK with hills and beaches - Devon, have great friends and close family.

      However i am 45 this year so its now or never, and have two older children 14 and 20, and the job prospects here look slim. so we are looking at it as an opportunity to go and see what else is out there.

      You have to weigh it all up or just go with your feelings - its up to you.
      Best of luck

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      :)We love Adelaide for the Hills , heaps of fantastic winerys, some of the best beaches in Australia, the city is small but it has a city buzz still and always feels really friendly .........its the whole lot we love it , yes you will miss some things from the wetlands but you can either keep winging about it or move on and give it 100% mind and body because no less than 100% will do.........and thongs are .....well its the lawyou have to get some.Good luck
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      Thongs - You don’t think I could start a trend towards Scholl’s instead then?

      Thanks for the replies and good wishes everybody – Adelaide does sound to have the best of a lot of worlds, and people appear very positive about it. I’m really pleased for you guys that are out there and loving it. :)

      Now, where is that sandpaper for toughening up in-between my toes………….


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