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      I don't think the grades mean too much as we still got passed and got our visas - the doctor just said that the girls were perfect (of course we knew that already), but as I have a thyroid problem and Paul has a slight mobility problem with his arm he said he couldn't give us a top grade.

      I don't think everybody gets told their grades - we might just have had a very forthcoming doctor. It would have been better if he had not said anything because it just sent me into a panic for a couple of weeks.

      I think the way we are feeling at the moment we have decided to rent the house out for the two years we are qualifying for p.r and then either come back and sell it or come back and live in it. We are not convinced enough about going to go without a safety net. Only hope we actually manage to rent it out.

      Samantha is really enjoying having someone to talk to - thanks to the boys for chatting to her.

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      Hi Sue
      Thanks for that, he kept saying perfect, fine etc to all of us & I did watch closely whilst he worked through the application but did not notice any grades, having said that though, the bloods & chest xrays were returned this week not at the time we were there so perhaps OVERALL he had to put a grade somewhere.

      I think you are right I would have probably panicked unduly, the secretary said everything was fine we passed & it was all sent Friday, so fingers crossed :) .

      Bradley luvs talking to the 'girlies', hes not a girlie person being a 'cool' 10 yrs old & that! But I explained that they are all emigrating at some stage like him & Thomas, its good to make friends & talk through things. I thinks hes just starting to actually grow up a bit, bless him. My little one Thomas luvs it, everything about the forum, sometimes he asks me to write things that I cannot :lol: !!

      GREAT IDEA about renting whilst you obtain PR. We looked into this but I was worried that if the house was empty I could not afford the monthly payment AND live in Oz, but if you can go for it, safety nets then in place.

      Take care
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      Hi Sasha

      Nice to hear from you. Samantha and Emma are having a great time on their forum speaking to other kids in the same situation.

      Thanks for the pep talk - we are getting somebody round this week to find out about renting from July and as soon as that is organised we will be booking quarantine for the dog, on arrival accommodation and flights so no more dithering. I feel so much more calm now we are keeping a safety net in place. We will still give it our all but knowing there is a way back makes me feel so much more secure.

      Good luck with selling your house - keep us updated. Maybe the girls can get together once we are all out. Do you have any ideas as to what part of S.A you will be settling in.


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      Hi Sue

      Nice to see you have decided to try it out in Adelaide. Friends of ours have rented their house rather than selling and have no problems so good way to go - at least you have a safety net if you decide it is not for you :D

      Good luck with the organising

      Lisa :lol:

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      ste n sasha
      :D hi sue,

      We had somebody around last week to see about renting our house out aswell, because if it doesnt sell by april we have no other option :( I know what you mean about a safety net.

      My girls have found it easier talking to the other kids on the forum they dont feel alone, which is good :D That would be nice for the girls to stay in touch and hopefully meet up.
      We have got 2 boxers to take aswell and i am dreading it :D especialy when they have to go into quarantine. :(

      We not sure yet where to settle, it depends i suppose on where steve can find work,and where the kids are happy :)
      speak soon

      :D sasha

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      Hi Sasha

      We have a Westie which we are taking with us - my hubbie is having sleepless nights worrying about her being shipped over and sitting in quarantine, he worries more about her than the anything else. :?

      We were advised that the quarantine places are fully booked and that it was best to book the dog's a place in a quarantine kennel ASAP.

      It is upsetting when you can't explain to them what is happening. :cry:


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      donna T
      Hi Sue

      Congratulations on taking the plunge - I am sure you won't regret it - good luck

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      ste n sasha
      Hi sue,

      I know how your hubby feels :(
      Have you been in touch with the petcarriers :?:
      we were told that we would have to book everthing by end of feb to make sure that the dogs had places :( because we are going in may
      I am just hopeing my dogs will be ok and that they will be together :)
      you worry about them as if they were the kids :roll:

      Speak soon


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      ste n sasha
      :D Hi sue,

      I have been in touch with two carriers, airpets and
      animal airlines and i still can't decide which ones to use,
      i am going to phone them both on
      monday, to ask some questions before i commit. :?

      Steve was flicking through some links and
      found somebody had used airpets and said
      that they were good :)

      How are the plans going for the big move,
      have you sorted the house yet :?:

      speak soon

      :D sasha

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      Hi Sasha

      We have a couple of agents booked to come round and give us the lowdown on renting. We are also going to find out about selling/cashing in our endowments and using these for a bit of capital when we go as we will not have the money from the house. We can then swap our mortgage to a repayment and hopefully everything will work out.

      Our eldest is doing her G.C.S.E exams this year so we will be looking to go at the end of July when she finishes them (she is not at all happy at the prospect of then having to do another year at school when we get there). We have to be there by 10th August or we will not have enough time left on the visa to qualify for p.r.

      We also heard some recommendations for Airpets when we were looking last year we also heard some stuff about the animal crates being left on the tarmac in the heat at Hong Kong airport while awaiting plane changes - don't know if things have improved now but I know the general concensus at the time was to avoid routes through Hong Kong for the animals.

      How are arrangements going for you?

      Keep in touch



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