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    Thread: See you next week!!

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      See you next week!!

      Hi me my wife and 3 year old son fly out on residency visa's this wednesday the 10th of june..looking for work.. will do anything... building work, window cleaning, dog walking, baby sitting, car sales, cat rescue, mud wrestling, rope jumping, cat sales, baby rescue and or dog wrestling...
      My CV's a biggy..
      Hope you're all well down under!
      and hope to see you around sometime..

      by the way how cold does it get in winter??

      thanks good-day

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      Good luck with the move...take it all in and enjoy!!!

      Its pretty cold at the mo, esp on a night...bring a coat!:D
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      will do mate.. thanks for the advice

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      With no central heating in the houses it does get very cold at night. We still have sunshine most days so that helps.
      Good luck with the job hunting.
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      ok suzie thanks! :)

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      G'Day Kevm,

      Congrats on your residency visa, bet you are all getting very excited now. Where about are you planning to go when you first arrive? I live north of Adelaide, very nice area Golden Grove. Lived in this area for the last 17 years.
      Make sure you pack some winter clothes to use when you first get here, it does get cold here in the winter. It will be around 15C maximum when you arrive, (just checked on pay tv) and can get down to around 5C overnight. It doesn't get like in England, long, dark, cold, dreary days, it's 12C at the moment (9.30am) but the sun is out. It's not even windy. Just a cold fresh day. Top today of 17C. But you must remember it's the start of our winter here June - Aug. And if we do get any rainy days we are so thankful for the rain. Not many people complain about the rain here in Adelaide, in fact when you are here you quite often hear people say, we shouldn't complain we need the rain. Summers are long and hot, with no rain. The weather should start to change around Septmeber. Another thing you should know is that our temps are taken in the shade, so when it's predicted to be around 35C it's really about 50C in the sun. So be very very careful in the sun don't sit out for too long, and never without a good sunscreen. Well the bit of info I have given you I hope it helps. Look forward to some more posts from you.

      See ya. Rita
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      Thanks Rita for the sound advice, and great attitude, we will be staying in a Oaklands park for about 3 months after we arrive.. we're using the meet and greet.. and yup we're getting very excited.. still lots of loose ends this side though..
      thanks again for the advice :-)


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      G'day Kevm

      When you get here, get some transport as soon as possible and have a good look around before you decide on which area you want to settle in. Also look on google earth and see the area you are going to in Oaklands Park, we have street view here. Hope everything goes well with your move.

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      Good luck and see you soon
      Joanne (43), Ged (41) & Bella the cat (8).....and now Brian the dog; the only Aussie in the house. Arrived 8/1/09 from Oldham, Gtr Manchester.
      Rented in Findon, SA for 22 months built own house & so now moved to Seaford Meadows. Became citizens 9/12/13. Life doesn't get much better

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      Just like a UK summer only less rain!


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