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      Coming Over in August

      Coming over this August for a quick visit to do decide on where we want to live in Adelaide,we have two young boys one of 6 and one of 4 so need advice on finding some great schools for them to go too.Also would like any info on good suburbs which are 10 mins from beach we are going to have to rent to start with so if anyone knows of any good agencies it would be much appreciated.Hopefully we will move to join you all in sunny Adelaide next August if everything goes well.:)

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      Good luck with it all.

      Cant help with schools im afraid but check out google earth for areas near beach and also real estate to get an idea of prices/house size etc etc:


      this site is great for help and advice so just ask if you need any info xxx

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      Why go ten minutes from the beach? You could probably get a rental in Brighton or Hove just yards from the beach. You are coming at a good time of year but don't hang about after you land. We saw a 3 bedroom in Brighton on for 430 pw about 100 yards from the beach. Don't know wbout schools though.

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      Thanks for the info, guess we had better just have a good look around when we get over then.


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