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    Thread: North or South

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      Wersal Gummage
      Quote Originally Posted by redfoxy View Post
      roll on summer..

      I have visions of a summer evening walk down to beach with a cold bottle of wine, lovey hubby and 2 glass xx hay ho..
      Yes, that's what it's all about.

      When all is said and done,if you have young Children, like the wide open spaces, beautiful beaches, clean air ,Surf lifesaving clubs, plenty of good shopping centres, good schools, primary and secondary. then head south of the City.
      If not, head the other way.
      places like Happy valley, Noarlunga, Seacliff etc, but some say these are run down.
      I don’t know where you got your information from but I would hazard a guess its from some that don’t live down that way.

      Just have a drive around those areas and you will be pleasantly surprised.\As for the North being up and coming I cant see how it can be unless you go as far as Port Adelaide where there's some construction work going on and will probably finish up like Canary Warf,(Not for your average Jo worker) apart from that, North, N/W, N/E has nowhere left to Build closer than Port Adelaide.
      South, S/E,S/W would be my choice, I would include West but I find it a tad over priced.
      Good luck with your research.
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      Good post Wursel !! LOL what a cracking name !!

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      Only one way to find out and that is to have a good look around yourself, everybody likes different areas for different reasons.

      Good luck


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      have not seen too much of the north but people we have met that do live there obviously like it, i would not say the places you mentioned in the south are run down port noarlunga is lovely and so is happy valley, seacliff is alittle more pricey, we live in seaford rise and really like it, also like willunga and aldinga you wont know till you get here Glenelg is quite central to everything but we wanted a few more open spaces and its v pricey they do call it the 20 minuite city so doesnt take you long to get anywhere!

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      Thanku for all your great replies we shall have a look around in August when we come!!!

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      Rob and Clare
      Quote Originally Posted by Liz and Kris UK View Post
      Only one way to find out and that is to have a good look around yourself, everybody likes different areas for different reasons.

      Good luck

      Spot on Kris....

      This isn't about North and South, or east and west, but about finding a suburb that closely fits what you are looking for within the budget you have, wihtin a distance you are willing to travel.

      I think the biggest question is do you live nearer the city, with the wealth of opportunities it affords and lifestyle which encourages you to be out and about, or further away in outer suburbs where you can get a large plot of land for better value for money where home entertaining is the order of the day, but longer travelling may be required.

      The comments though about the open spaces to the south, well I find a little odd, because if you go in any direction from the city, for the distances to suburbs mentioned, you will be in open countryside or in the sea.

      If it's at all possible to rent for a year first to gauge what the areas are like all year round then that may be the way forward.

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      We are a family of 4. I'll attempt to give a very breif overview from the way we found it:
      North / North East - lived there when we first got here. Liked it up there, and could have settled, but the 45mins from Greenwith to a decent beach killed that one for us.
      West / North West - didn't find anywhere that suited us, price too was an issue for us (especially West).
      East - Never looked to be honest (although some posh areas with posh schools in the inner east). Price may have had a part to pay in that of course...
      South - find some nearlies in the Aberfoyle & Woodcroft areas. Came a close second.
      South West - where we're now settled within walking distance of some great beaches and counrtyside (Seaford Rise / Moana area).

      Further East there's Mt Barker and the other satellite townships dotted along the SE Freeway. Lovely country out that way with pretty good access to the city on the 110km road (as long it's not foggy or a semi trailer hasn't had an upset on the uptrack...). Some nearlies again there, but distance to beaches and price in some suburbs discounted them for us.

      Further North & South are where some big developments are happening. Burton / Munno Para / Andrews Farm / Virginia up north and Aldinga / Sellicks down south (Seaford too I guess). As a sweeping generalisation, you'll find the northern developments offer larger blocks than the southern ones (although the Sellicks blocks are pretty big). I would say that the train line from Gawler, the port expressway and main north road offer better routes to the city if you're to be working there. Down south, you've go the expressway from Seaford and the train from Noarlunga (and Seaford by 2011) to the city. I would say that the public transport infrastructure further south is in dire need of an upgrade to accomodate the developments.

      Work wise, the outer Northern burbs offer easier access to the industrial hubs in the N / NW. Having to commute from Aldinga (or even Seaford Rise) to Elizabeth or Burton or beyond would not be a pleasurable experience day in and day out. Bearing in mind that the Ports up North (including Port Adelaide), the destroyer building, the metal processing, and the "main" mines are all further north.

      The North is on the doorstep to the Barossa with Clare and the Flinders ranges further on. You've got a head start on Yorke and Eyre Pennisulas too.
      The South has the beaches, McLaren Vale, Willunga Hills, Victor Harbor and the Fleurieu Pennisula all within easy reach.
      Of course, there's always the city itself (including the "vibrant" North Adelaide) to look at too
      As many others will say - have a good look around when you get here at a short list based on what you want out of the life and see which offers the best match.
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      I live South at Marino and love it!!! I would always recommend South but particularly around Brighton Marino and Hallet Cove.



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      Two excellent posts from both Rob and Clare and Nishman. I'd second what Rob and Clare (Rob or Clare!) said though about considering how far you're prepared to be from the city.

      It's not just about work for most families but also about opportunities for kids, and in my experience, if your child wants the best choice of activities to the highest levels (and here I'm talking sports, arts, musical, theatrical and drama etc) then you don't want to live more than a 30 minute drive from the centre of Adelaide as that will limit the options for them.

      Also, although just about everywhere has nice places to go out to for a casual drink/meal etc, then you're limiting your choices for socialising and entertainment if every time you head into the City you have a 45 minute/hour's drive home, or a very expensive cab ride. I'm no social butterfly and am usually falling asleep by 9pm, but even I have been known to go to a concert, or a show, or after work drinks in and around the city!

      Swings and roundabouts, meat and poison - have a good look around and choose what suits you best!
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Thanku again for all your great replies,we have a lot to think about when we come over in August and a lot of driving around from the sounds of things can't wait very excited!


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