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      Stop of on Flight over to Adelaide and various questions

      Greetings everyone, my first post of many more to come before we move over in October. I will ease myself in gently with a few hopefully easy questions.

      Moving over in October flights all booked, cheapest flights were with Cathay Pacific so we have took a 3 nights stop over in Hong Kong any one reccommend some decent family accommodation (2 adults 2 toddlers) other than the Sailsbury YMCA? if they have done this route?

      Anyone one here runs or set up a business? is it pretty much the same as the UK to set a LTD company up or is it a pain?

      I have a 1971 BMW and a 1964 vespa I want to ship over anyone had any dealings with shipping cars or bikes? it seems very expensive, (i am thinking it may be better to flog them in UK) if anyone has done it could they give me a rough total figure as the quotes I am getting seem to vary massively also if you ship a car can you fill the container with the rest of your stuff?

      Thanks very much

      Last question any Birmingham City fans out there?

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      look seriously at the vehicles, wish i had brought mine

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      hello and welcome to PIA!!!!

      We had a lovely BMW back in the uk and sold it :(

      BMWs are worth a fortune out here so have a good think about it and research about shipping.
      It did seem very expensive to ship out cars though....guess it depends on your budget really.

      Weve bought a beetle over here though ;) Its mint!

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      Friend of mine, Mandy, has just shipped her car over and is our current expert - I'm sure she'd be happy to give you some pointers if you want to email her: mandy@h2h.com.au
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