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    Thread: Reccie Or Not?

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      Robarts Family

      Reccie Or Not?

      Hi All,

      Just wondered whether you would recommend doing a reccie or not to SA/Adelaide. We are just working out our finances of what we need to have to get out there. Any suggestions?
      We have been to Australia but not SA, but that is where we are applying for state sponsorship.

      Would you recommend is it worth the risk of just coming over? Or do a reccie within the same year we move out there?

      Thanks alot

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      Hi there, we came out for a month in April and it was invaluble. We first went to Melbourne and after a couple of days there our hearts sank as although it was nice i would not up sticks and move half way around the world for it. Then drove down to Adelaide and fell in love with the place spent all the rest of the holiday looking at areas and just getting as much information as we could. Now back and just started the Vetassess process. Personally i think a recce is a must. People do do it without but i wouldnt have the guts. Also if it didnt work becouse i didnt like the place i would be kicking myself after. If you are on a limited budget then surly its best to spend a little of it just to make sure.

      Good luck though.
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      Wersal Gummage
      Hello Robarts Family.
      it's funny how people view things differently isn't it.
      I Think personally it is a waste of Money, we came on a reccie trip for 3 weeks.
      We we're in Holiday mode the whole time and spending money like it was going out of fashion, it was monopoly money after all, didnt look real, didnt feel real and everything was so cheap converting back to UK pounds. it just didn't seem real.
      Oviously we loved the place who wouldn't, we came Christmas time so the weather was fantastic. kids loved the Beaches people were very friendly it was paradise.
      Actually living here is nothing like a Reccie that's why I think its a waste of money especially if you're on a tight budget,
      Come at a cheaper time (Winter for instance) and you'll probably hate it.

      If you have plenty of cash flow by all means come look and see but don't for one instance think you will get to know what it's really like to live here.

      btw. we love it here :)

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      We found proper reccie trips worthwhile. We did the tourist/holiday bit in other cities and liked all parts of Oz as tourists. But as we were always planning to LIVE in Adelaide we made a point of doing just that as best we could. We were lucky to have friends and some family here so stayed with 3 different families, rather than city centre hotels. We got to see how they lived, where they shopped (and how much day to day stuff cost), what their journeys to work were like and working hours, where they go out for an evening, did house viewings to see the real story not just the web site pictures, etc..
      We've holidayed in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Cairns and Alice Springs but wouldn't have a clue what it would be like to live there.

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      We did a recce out of necessity to validate our visa before it expired! Wasn't planning to do one before that deadline came up...
      It was useful to have a look around, but as others have said, it's difficult to take everything in whilst you're in holiday mode (which you probably will be) for a 2-3 week visit.
      I guess we were lucky as I managed to secure a job (with a relocation package) during the visit, which more than offset the additional cost of the recce trip. So depending on where you are with the visa, this may make a recce trip a more viable prospect.

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      Robarts Family
      Thanks everyone for your responses very interesting and helpful.
      We are in the process of applying for a 475 visa and passed the skills assessment just sending off the application for the sponsorship. As for budget we want to get married before coming over so its just working out exactly what we need and what we can do and what I am allowed to spend on a wedding!!

      I have to agree I probably will see it as a holiday! But knowing I need to also sort out where to live and work etc etc.

      Toughy I need to have a good think about it.

      We can only go to SA at the moment as thats the only way to gain a visa with my career. So we would have to go there anyway! So its just a case of going and looking at areas where to live and what are nice,

      Thanks again for everything.

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      we decided from the beginning not to go on a reccie and going it blind!
      we just didn't see the advantage of spending 3 weeks in adelaide and finding out how eveyrthing works ... you will in the end anyways.
      and it's a rather expensive trip for fact finding!

      unless of course you are not 100% on board with it an still need this little bit extra and see for yourself - then by all means go!

      in our 3 weeks we drove around alot and did actually decide what part of adelaide we like.
      so that will help us once we are out.
      besides that we didnt' achieve much. - we did meet up with lots of lovely people though

      i still wouldn't have gone on a reccie but we had to validate our visas!
      having said that it all will look familiar now and we'll have an idea of where to shop, where to go, who to ask.

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      We also didn't do the recce. Especially when money is tight there's so many other things to spend your money on.
      We were originally supposed to go to Perth but changed our mind at the last moment. As I am in the property rental business I should be telling everyone to visit first but to be honest I don't think it's necessary. Friends of ours from Yorkshire did the recce visit in March this year but that was because there was some doubt about moving to Oz and not specifically Adelaide. Save your money and buy a car here!
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      Hi The Robarts,

      Me and the OH are also applying for SA State Sponsorship (Adelaide area), we lived in Sydney for 2 years and had holidays in different parts of the country but not SA. We are not planning on a Reccie. I know i love Australia and that is all that matters. Adelaide is far from the hustle and bustle of Sydney but it will be a new adventure, the concept/people/lifestyle will be the same. I would rather save that money to live on whilst looking for work or having a long holiday on the way over.

      Good Luck, eveyone is different and you may find a reccie helpful but personally we do not think it is worth it.

      Take Care,
      Carly x

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      I agree with those people who stated that you do not need a reccie. We are coming over on a State Sponsorship 475 visa as well. Going for a holiday/fact finding expedition is pointless to me, because like other people have mentioned its totally different to living there. Too me a part of my excitement in emigrating is that I have never ever been to Australia, too me its like having baby, do you really want to know the sex till its born. The money it would cost for the reccie is a lot and that money could be useful once you have moved for good. You either want to live in Australia or you dont. I have heard a lot of pro's and con's about Adelaide. I just cannot wait to get over there myself and find out for myself, its nice to have other peoples opinions but only yours counts and having a reccie for me I dont think you could gain any better idea of what its like to live there. Remember on a 475 you need all the money you have got saved up, jobs arwe scarce and no benefits.
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