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      Hi everyone!

      Myself and my boyfriend are moving out to Adelaide soon. I have just registered with the NBSA as a mental health nurse and hope to start work with the Central Northern adelaide Health Service as soon as our VISA's are granted. Not sure where i will be based yet but was wondering if anyone worked for this service and if so where, and are you enjoying it?

      Also wondering where the best places to live are?

      Any feedback would be welcome

      Many thanks
      Kat and Lance.

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      Welcome to PIA!!!!!!!!!! :)

      Places vary depending what you want...near the city, near the beach etc etc...

      Google earth is great for Adelaide as it has the street view pretty much everywhere, so have a nosey on that! x

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      If you're working for the Central Northern Adelaide Health Service, then it might be worth looking at somewhere like Mawson Lakes, or suburbs such as those around Modbury in the North East. Have a look on www.realestate.com.au to get a feel for what's in the various suburbs - some are older style properties, some newer with perhaps smaller plot-sizes, etc, but that's a good starting point hopefully. If it's just you and your boyfriend, then you might want somewhere lively such as North Adelaide, or Norwood - depends if you're thinking of apartment living or a house really.
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      Thanks for the advice! Not sure where i will be based yet but think it might be somewhere called Glenside? Do you know of it and if so what is it like? Is it a Mental Health hospital?

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      We would love somewhere near the beach but not fussy for the first few months after we arrive. Would'nt want somewhere that was a long trek to work until we found our way round a little.

      We have been spending alot of time on google earth and realestate.com.au looking at all the different places around Adelaide. What is Glenelg like?

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      Hey, welcome to PIA!!

      Glenelg is great area for a social life....lots of bars, restaurants and cafes....! There are appartments of the sea front and most of the houses are an older style and close together. There is also the tram to the city which is handy. Main trouble with Glenelg......expensive houses!!!

      We spend many a weekend day/evening in Glenelg and love the area.

      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!


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