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      Hi...I have lived in both places...Seaford for 5 years and just moved to Aldinga Beach 12th feb.....I love Aldinga so much..
      My two kids are at school in Seaford All Saints catholic school....(not expencive like back home) and im only 10 min drive fromAldonga to seaford...Loveto peace and its a bit more countryfied.
      U will love it.Seafordis becomming like toy town

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      We found a rental within 2 weeks of landing and we moved in in the third week. But that meant taking absolutely no time off upon landing, and it was 'go, go, go' from the point the plane touched down and fairly exhausting. I would say allow 4 weeks in short term accommodation to secure a permanent rental to be on the safe side, especially if you land with the kids and intend to go into holiday mode for a few days.

      We are in Brighton and I dont know the southern suburbs so well. also dont have kids so cant advise on schools, but our neighbours moved here last year from Wales with their 6 year old, they brought her with them, and searched for schools after. They did not struggle to find a place in local schools at all as apparently they arent crowded to bursting point unlike some places in the UK - in fact the school nearest to us recently closed down because there werent 'enough kids!'!!

      One piece of advice I can give you is to buy a car as soon as you can upon landing, on your day 1 if you can. It makes life so much easier. My husband and I spent the first 4 days or so just driving all over town, getting a feel for neighbourhoods and identifying areas that felt right for us.

      good luck! feel free to pm me if you have any arrival related questions.


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