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      Hello :-)

      Just thought start by saying hello to all on the forum and say thanks for all the valuable information our family has been ready about over the past couple of months.

      We are planning to be in Adelaide by October this year, Visa all sorted and have already done 6 months in Tasmania at the end part of 2007 (lucky didn't grow 2 heads).

      Just about to resign from my Job here in the UK (3 months notice period) and will then start looking for work in Adelaide. I am a IT Project Manager (Infrastructure) and was wondering if anyone had any advice on the job front, obviously have all the standard site info and agencies.

      Well kids and family are surfacing for another Sunny UK day so will sign off for now, you all have a good day.


      Oh yeah I have 4 Kids 7,5,3, 6 Months

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      hi mark!
      can't help with your job question but just wanted to say 'welcome to pia'


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