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      Seaford to the city how long?

      Coming for a reccie in August.
      We like the idea of living in Seaford,Port Noarlunga or Happy Valley?
      Just wondering if anyone could help and tell us how long it takes to get into the city by car or by train from these destinations?


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      Hi we live in Seaford Rise it takes about 40 mins to drive into the city average sometimes quicker depending on traffic times etc & you can get the train from Noarlunga & i think if memory serves me correct that takes about 35 mins & they are pretty regular Tess

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      40 minutes sounds right - but that's for me leaving Seaford Rise / Moana before 7 in the morning and only going to South Terrace (I have done it 35mins before - I know I'm on a good day when that happens). In peak time (after 7:30 at the bottom of the expressway), it'll take a lot longer (55 minutes is not unheard of). Coming back, always seems to take longer - 45mins on average before peak time.
      It will take longer if the expressway is not open (if you're working afternoon r night shifts, say).
      As a guess, I'd take 5-10 minutes off for the same journey from port noarlunga to the city.
      I've not used the train for work yet - bus or park-and-ride to the station, train journey, then tram/walk to south terrace would make for a very long journey time door-to-door. You've got to get the right train too (the express), otherwise you'll be stopping at every station and it takes a lot longer. Note that until they upgrade the line, the trains will not run for certain afternoons in Jan/Feb when the tracks buckle in the 40+ heat and they have to lay on buses instead...
      The train is coming to Seaford in the near future, so that may make it a more attractive proposition for me.

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      Jacqui gets the train from Noarlunga every day and it takes 40 mins almost dead every day, very rarely late and there are some quick trains that do less stops.


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