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    Thread: Hi to all !!

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      Gordon & Dena Morrison

      Hi to all !!

      Joined pia weeks ago but been busy getting ready for the move. We fly to Adelaide on 18th August :)

      Theres myself Dena (34), husband Gordon (38) and 3 children Aaron (16), Emma (12) and Thomas (10).

      Any suggestions on things i shouldn't put in container. Not sure what electrical items will work out there.

      Staying in Seaford Rise for 8 weeks before moving to a more permanent address. Been looking at Aldinga Beach on real estates.com . Anyone have information on that suburb?

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      ralph n bev
      Bet your all excited then, nearly there!

      Well dont take my word as gospel Deena , wait till Adelaide answers!!

      As far as im aware from threads ive read on another forum you can take everything, and the general advice is , to take everything too.

      I think the only problems are fridges if there old , something to do with the gasses , cfc or something , or the temp not getting cold enough. Everything else with a change of plug is O.K.
      Televisions work with a set top box too.

      Morrisons B.T.W. have a 6 plug extension for 1.49 at the mo. So you'd only need to change the 1 plug , on the extension.

      Sure someone a bit more Knowledgeble (sp) will probably add to this but this 'll bump you back up the list till then!
      Good luck with the move.

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      Hi Dena

      We are flying out on 15th august and have a house to go to in Seaford Rise also...we arrive on 21st.......

      Cant help with the container question....we just took 20 boxes and the only electrical item we took was my laminator!!

      Hope you have a great last 3 weeks in blighty!

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Gordon & Dena Morrison
      Finished work today rather emotional saying goodbye to the children ( work in a school as a teaching assisant). I have boxes all over the house don't know wether i'm coming or going.
      Gordon finishes on the 10th as well as moving out of our home. Living with family for a week.
      We have never been to Aus before so this is a big adventure for us all!!

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      Good luck to you all for your final few weeks in the UK.

      Hope the move goes well and will be interested to hear what your first impressions of Adelaide are as you havent visited before.

      Enjoy the adventure guys and hope all goes well once you reach the other side!


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      We bought lots of electrical bits from kitchen (could not say goodbye to my magimix stuff ) and playstations etc and all worked. Just sat Greg down one day with a srewdriver and a pile of aussie plugs and no worries :p

      Just make sure to bring a few adapters with you to start off with :) If you can get it in your container then bring it. You can get everything here but it is surprising how much you spend on bits and pieces.

      Good luck with sorting it all. We are only in Port Noarlunga South so may bump into you at some time :o


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      Hiya Gordon and Dena

      Welcome to PIA,great to see you in here.

      I told you they didn't bite:)

      We brought a 20 ft container of gear and crammed loads in,we did not bring a TV as you have to run them through an Australian video to get the sound for some reason.
      Apart from that we brought everything.
      Make sure that anything from outdoors,shoes and tools are very clean.Perhaps a bit of WD40 or Jeyes fluid on the outdoor stuff as well - gets it all through quarantine easier!

      Be careful of certain wooden /natural products.wicker baskets and such can be frowned on - as is anything with seeds or nuts such as some Christmas decorations.

      The Aldinga/Seaford area is up and coming with a lot of new builds.
      It will depend on your work as well ,if you have to work in the city Aldinga can be quite a distance.

      You can have a good nosey around when you arrive and then really judge where you want to settle.

      Looking forward to meeting you and having you stay with us :D

      Good luck with the packing!!


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