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    Thread: Hi I'm new

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      Look lets be honest... its bloody freezing... down to 4 or 10 at night, its like living with the doors open in your home in winter..... because it is winter here.

      The insulation is crap, the gaps in the windows that breed breezes are great in summer, but not good at retaining heat in winter. Its 15 degree in the day whoppee doo! its cold. We have been here 14 months and have acclimatised, did i mention its cold!!!!

      Get reverse cycle heating at least !

      So thats the whinging pomme bit done with.
      Yes winter will be colder than expected, summer is hotter than you will ever appreciate. but theres a glorious 3 to 4 months either side where you just sit abck and say WOW. You even learn to live with temps at 38 degree and class those as normal....... and we haven't been here long.

      If your travelling just for constant temp, then look at QLD or NT, SA is not the place for a constant temp.......... again it's a research thing....when its 46 degree even air con won't keep you freezing, when its zero, and yes for a night or two it will hit zero, then you keep the heater on.

      The rest you soak up and enjoy

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      I've been on the site since late April. However I

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      I've been on the site since late April. However I think I forgot to intoduce my family and I but hvaing been as active as can be on the forum.

      The information on the weather has helped us also, so thanks for that.x


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