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      Hi everyone, newbee he he

      He, I'm Joe and we are going to Adelaide in June, my hubby is a joiner, and we have a 17 yr old daughter, can't wait to go, any tips on areas etc, job spots, xxx

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      Hi welcome to PIA, we are going out in Jan myself and OH. sorry can't help with the job situation apart from to do lots of research and try and get interviews lined up before you go. That is what we are doing at the moment.

      As for places to live we have had so many threads on this you can do a search and have a read through them all. However i am sure most people will agree that you cannot advise on places to live as everyone likes and wants different things in a place, so the best thing is do your research and then wait untill you get there it also depends on work, we are going to wait and see where the work takes us and then make a decision on where to live.

      Good luck and i am sure you will get loads of advise from the site:)

      Jo and Tom x


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