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      Verity and Kevin

      Question Where to go? Is Adelaide best?

      Hi Verity and Kevin here!!!

      I am currently going through the skill and visa assessments so that we can move to Australia (as soon as possible).
      Beginning to think about which state would be best? Possible places are Adelaide or Queensland, maybe Brisbane but would consider advice about anywhere else.
      Not sure where the teaching jobs (primary) would be more available?
      Is Adelaide the place to bring up a young family?
      Can anyone help?:)

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      hello verity and kevin and welcome!

      obviously we all think that adelaide is the place for us!
      but i guess in the end you have to make up your own mind ...

      i've been told and after loads of research and having friends in adelaide we think that adelaide is a great place for families! we have 2 little children and hope to give them a great life over there!

      it so depends on what you are looking for! climate? properties? people? jobs? beaches?

      don't know about teaching jobs though

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      Hi Verity and Kevin

      Welcome to PIA :D We also looked into Brisbane/Queensland in the beginning but in the end points pointed us to Adelaide and now I am sooooo glad we are here !

      After a week in singapore with high hunidty levels I am glad we did not go for Queensland as I think the humid heat in summer would have been too much for us

      Look into both areas and weigh up pros and cons as only you know which will suit your family more. Adelaide is very family friendly with plenty for kids going on and there seems to be a festival going on somewhere pretty much all the time so lots to go see and do as well :)


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      Hi Verity and Kevin

      We dicided on Adelaide because of its fomily freindly reputation as well.:D

      Also it is supposed to have a very good education and health care system and finaly odly enough because it still has 4 seasons just slightly different to the UK ones

      good luck with your dicision

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      I'm afraid I'm of the same opinion. The reason Ian and I chose Adelaide was because we thought it would be a great place to bring up kids. We back packed alot through Oz seven years ago, but Adelaide was always the fondest place in our hearts. We just got a good vibe from it.
      Good Luck

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      We have also looked into Brisbane and Perth, Brisbane being far too humid and Perth too expensive. Adelaide seems to us, as much as we can tell without ever stepping foot in OZ, to be the best all round city.


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