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      taylor family

      sporty people

      :D Hi to everyone on the site :lol:
      Just a quick one are there any of you that do any sports.
      I'm a road runner at various distances from 5k to half marathons and hope to do my first marathon in august in Adelaide if I can get to oz for end of may so I can start the training in the heat :shock:
      alan T :D :lol:

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      Sorry Laura,

      I'm a real lazy bones when it comes to exercise but I do seem to spend all day running round after the kids telling them to put stuff away in it's proper place, then there is the hoovering and laundry (haven't found a machine that can load or unload itself yet).

      Oh and I do run a Guide Unit so that keeps me quite busy both physically and mentally.

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      I used to run but sort of lost the inclination after baby number 3 but I am determined to get started again, hopefully warmer weather and an outdoor lifestyle will re motivate me.


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      Hi Al
      I run 5km about 3 or 4 times a week, twice in the gym using the 'old' treadmill & a couple of times on the road, bl**** freezing though at the moment :o

      Ash runs to, not as good as me though no he uses the gym & weights but he can run to, not that I am jealous !

      Started Sept 05, mainly to loose weight but I really enjoy it now. Bonus is that it keeps the weight down to.

      I also go to kickbox (aerobic session) & spinning.

      I work 3 days so I train a couple of nights & on my days off. In between the kids social life which includes beavers, cubs, taekwondo & swimming :)

      I guess we are a sporty family.

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