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      Hi everyone!

      Myself and my hubby, Brian arrived in Adelaide in June, so we're just starting to settle in to life here.
      Brian has got himself a job, but I've not been so lucky yet - which means I'm bored out of my mind at home all day, so lots of time to post here!!

      We're renting an apartment in Glenelg at the moment, we are starting to think about buying, but until I get a job we wont be going anywhere else.

      Oh, yeah, we're originally from Dublin, so not really poms, but close enough!

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      Hi guys, we have been in adelaide 8 years originally from scotland, i was same when we arrived oh was working and i felt stranded as he needed car for work, took time but once i started to work things got better, meeting new people some of which became good friends and we still catch up. Anyway welcome i'm sure you will love it.:)

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      welcome to adelaide glenelg is a lovely area we are in the northeast a bit far from you but If your really fed up any excuse for a trip to glenelg

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      Welcome to Adelaide, If you fancy a beer/coffee at anytime give us a message.....

      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      Hi.. Welcome to Adelaide.. We have been in Adelaide for about 1 year and 4 months now.

      It took me a while to find a job at first. My husband Dan got work a week after we arrived, which left me to explore around and look for work.
      It was hard to start of with and i got really bord of looking after a bit, going to the same place's over and over again.
      But got there in the end and things got better then. Feel more settled now.

      Have met some really nice peole on here.
      Hope you enjoy it.
      We live in Oaklands Park not far away so if you ever want a drink then give us a message.

      Steph. x.


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