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    Thread: Hi There

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      I only joined this forum on Monday and have found everybody to be extremely helpful and positive! I have learnt so much already.

      We too are going out without a reckie. Some people say we're bonkers, but I just say we're free ;)

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      good luck to you all! we came last november on the 175 and so far so good the kids LOVE it, i even threaten them when the are naughty (all the time!) that am sending them back hahaha ;)
      if you have anything to ask or are unsure of just ask away you will always get a answer on here.
      We have met some smashing friends on here and i bet you will too!

      sue xxx

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      Hi i'm new on this forum too, and we are also making the move without having ever been to australia!

      we'll be arriving after you in the beginning of 2011 and i'm getting impatient already! goodluck with your application process

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      Thanks Gemma,
      It's really hard to take your time with things isn't it!?! We are just waiting for TRA confirmation (or not) and then I think I'll be able to relax a bit. Good luck with everything too.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Gemma View Post
      Hi i'm new on this forum too, and we are also making the move without having ever been to australia!
      No worries there. We had never been here before we made the move. We love it here. Yes its not easy but you will get out what you put in if you get me.

      Good luck to all making the move.


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      Hi there, we are here in Adleaide already and have been here for 8 months now. We came on a 457 visa with the intention of staying for a year with my husbands work, but we all love it so much we are staying forever!!!
      We are also just starting the visa process and we have found out it will be quicker to do it on my occupation rather than try to extend our original 4 year visa we got from Rich's work, so what do we go for??? 175 or the 886 which is the on shore version of the 176. We are informed that due to our onshore status we should have PR by xmas!!!! Whether or not this happens........I'll believe it when i'm sat in immigration getting my passport stamped!!!

      Hope everthing goes smoothly for you and will see you out here next year! (Only another 14 paydays for you!!!) :-)
      Take care and if we can help you with anything we'll do our best to help
      Love Julia, Rich, Carys and Lizzie xxx


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