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      Bex & Nick

      We live just down the road from Grange, in Henley Beach. It's a lovely place and it's easy to get into the city from there too. Feel free to ask questions!


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      Quote Originally Posted by mOZzy View Post
      hello julie and family - and welcome!!

      sorry no advice on areas - we are not out yet .. hopefully by april next year!!

      just wanted to wish you luck and a smoothe ride over :)
      Hi, thanks for your reply. Good luck to you too! I hope your visa application goes smoothly!!

      Take care

      Quote Originally Posted by Bex & Nick View Post

      We live just down the road from Grange, in Henley Beach. It's a lovely place and it's easy to get into the city from there too. Feel free to ask questions!

      Hi Bex, thanks for your reply. We spent three weeks in SA a couple of years ago and really liked Grange and Henley Beach areas!! We love the idea of being close to the beach and the city. how long have you lived there?
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      good luck to all of you who are moving out soon,will be looking forward to your posts from the other side.

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      Hi Julie,

      My partner got in touch with quite a few companies through www.yellowpages.com.au . He just called lots up and he has got two jobs lined up for when we get there. Steve's acutally a fibrous plasterer but can do normal plastering to. We have looked into licensing, and was told that you don't need a license to work for a firm, just if you want to work for yourself. To get the license? he was told you need as much info as poss. such as, references, photos and proof of work. The TRA is not enough.

      If you need anymore info or your partner would like to chat to Steve about it pm me.

      Yep we're off to Adelaide on Sept 14th, flying with Singapore - not looking forward to flight with 2 children (4 and 1).
      Good luck with your move, have you sold your house in uk yet?

      Take care,
      Danielle xx

      Quote Originally Posted by jujo View Post
      Hi Danielle, thanks for your reply. No John hasn't got any work lined up and to be honest doesn't expect to have anything sorted out before we arrive. Has your husband got a job lined up?

      We have recently been talking to some friends who moved to Brisbane earlier this year about the licensing and registration that tradespeople need to work in Australia. I am currently checking this out to see if we can arrange this before we arrive. If you haven't already looked all the info you need is at www.ocba.sa.gov.au

      Are you going to Adelaide? We have just booked our flights for 12th October.

      Take care

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      Hi Danielle, many thanks for advice re licensing. We had been speaking to a friend who recently moved to Brisbane and either he has got it wrong or perhaps the rules are different in Brisbane, but he was under the impression that everyone needed a licence! I will also be taking a look at the yellow pages site.

      Good luck with you flight, we have flown to Adelaide before with Singapore Airlines and found them really good, and hopefully the children will sleep most of the way.

      Yes we have sold our house, only this week mind you, so are keeping fingers crossed that all goes through smoothly. Have also booked flights this week and booked shippers, so no going back now!!! Keep having a little panic and asking myself if it's the right thing to do!

      Take care,


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