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      Geordie Boy
      It was Heidi who I spoke to - she was lovely. Looking forward to our meeting with them next Sunday


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      Geordie Boy
      Woo Hoo !

      My meeting with thinkingaustralia went very well and they are very positive about my chances of a permanent visa (employer sponsored 457?) :D

      So now I am in the market for a job and am beginning the process of getting in touch with recruitment agencies, updating my cv/resume etc ...........................

      ......................... anybody know of anybody looking for an experienced senior HR Manager ?

      Trevor:D :D :D

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      Carolynn B
      Australian water board are looking to recruit at the moment. My sister started there 12 months ago in HR and is now a manager. They have a recruitment stand in London and Manchester in November this year but don't know specific dates. Sorry.

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      Geordie Boy

      Thanks for that info - have read about these emigration shows on another thread but we are very new to this idea of moving so how do we find out where and when they are happening?


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      Good luck Trevor. Hope all goes well for you.

      Sorry cant help with the emigration shows, but just thought id send my best wishes anyway.

      Great news about the visa, so fingers crossed you can get a job.

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      Carolynn B
      i'll ask my sister - after all, they are paying for her to fly over for two weeks to man the stall! Lucky thing, plus of course it means that I get to see her again... wipee!!

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      hey trevor
      pleased everything went ok with TA did you meet darrell himself how lovely is he????????

      as for expos we are going to the manchester one in october ...i have put the link on here but as it is the first time i have done this it may not work

      good luck with the rest of your journey nd we may just meet at a barbie down under




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