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      Geordie Boy

      Hello - am struggling to get started with application

      Hi there folks - Trevor and Marie here. Have just found your forum and am hoping you may be able to cheer us up.

      Have just returned home from Adelaide after a fantastic holiday which turned into a honeymoon after we got married in the Registry Office on Grenfell Street :D

      We` were staying with Marie's brother who has lived out there for 10 years and in now an Aussie citizen, and we absolutely fell in love with the place, and decided that we wanted to live there permanently.

      However we seem to be having difficulties at the very first hurdle.

      Although we are both experienced HR Managers, I am over 45 and despite having reams of academic and professional qualifications and meeting the points target, fail because of my age :(

      Marie on the other hand is under 45 and has about 10 years experience but has NO qualifications since she left school at 16, and therefore is not eligible for entry despite meeting the points target and having a family member who would sponsor us both.

      We do not have sufficient spare capital to be able to apply for the Retirement Investment Visa.

      We are pretty frustrated and feeling low at the moment, but hope that someone on this forum might be able to tell us that we are being too pesimistic and point us in the right direction. We haven't yet spoken to an Agent but have written to GoMatilda to ask them for their 15minute free phone consultation to see if it is worth going on or whether we should just accept that we are going to be stuck in the UK

      Hope somebody can cheer us up - or the red wine will be getting it;)

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      Hi Trevor and Marie and welcome to the forum :D

      It must be incredibily frustrating with the hurdles you are up against but a good migration agent would be able to tell you if there is any way round them - we used Go Matilda and they were very knowledgable :)

      It is possible to get your skills assessed on experience if no qualifications on some occupations so an agent would be able to advise if this is possible for you and help you get the info together. Good luck with it all and enjoy the wine while waiting! Hopefully things will become more positive once you have chatted to Go Matilda.


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      Hi Trevor and Marie.

      Congratulations on your marriage here!!!!

      I can appreciate how easy it is to fall in love with this place :D

      I see your brother has Citizenship - he may be able to sponsor you.Perhaps through work or balance of family.Do tell the agent about your brother,he might just be the key!!

      The very best of luck.

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      Hi Guys, welcome to PIA!

      Have you thought about one of you (or both) becoming a mature student and doing a course/degree at Adelaide Uni?

      Maybe a student visa could get you one foot in the door and then like Tyke said your brother could sponser you.

      Good luck

      Judi x

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      Geordie Boy
      Thanks guys for the thoughts and support.

      I kinda like the idea of trying a student visa but genuinely didn't think that would be an realistic option. Will deffo check that out. Still waiting for GoMatilda to get back to us


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      hi there

      another agent is thinking australia. on their website you can do a free initial assessment or ring them for a chat if yiu do their assessment they will get back to you very quickly.

      they are a lovely team and are helping us

      hope this helps


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      Geordie Boy
      You guys are really great - a special thanks to debbieuk for pointing me towards thinkingaustralia who have been very helpful.

      It seems that I will be eligible for a long stay temporary business visa (457) and we have an interview arranged with the agents a week on Sunday in Glasgow.:D

      I know this doesn't guarantee anything but at least it gives us some hope - and the depression of last week has been lifted for now.

      ......and they say a week is a long time in politics ......:)

      Fingers crossed (toes eyes and anything else I can manage too )

      Trevor and Marie

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      hi trevor and marie

      glad i could help

      have you been on the thinking australia forum

      they are a lovely bunch on there

      maybe see on there sometime


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      oh forgot to say i am debrah793 on there so say hi!!!!!!

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      Would second Debbie when recommending Thinking Australia :D

      They are fab and the agent who dealt with my application - Heidi is now working in the UK for the company - nothing is too much trouble for them.



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