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      Question about the medicals, what do they entail, and how much do they cost?? Where do you go for them.... Visa applications in 4 weeks ago, how long before i have to have a medical?????? very confused please help:(

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      They will email you when you need to have them then you book with one of the panel docs (list available from Diac/DIMMIA or whatever they're called this week!). Do phone round rather than just booking with nearest as there can be big difference in price.
      Our meds were a piece of cake, just wee in a pot, take a bit of blood( although have to pay extra for blood tests if you have tatoos) a quick once over with stethoscope, reflex hammer and chat about medical history, oh and chest xray of course! Hope this puts your mind at rest a bit.


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      TRY GO with a doctor that send results over internet alot quicker process and i learnt by misstake mine to 6 weeks to process
      Denise going to adelaide 20th august

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      You can chose to 'front load' your medicals (ie do them before you are asked by your case officer) or wait until they are requested.

      You must go to an approved panel doctor from the list - Panel Doctor List

      It is worth phoning around for quotes too - we saved nearly 200 by going from Devon to Southampton and we haggled for cash so saved 10% too :)

      This might help a bit with what to expect from your medical too - Medicals Info

      You can download the forms you will need here - Medical Forms

      What is involved seems to vary hugely from doctor to doctor We had height, weight, blood test, urine test, eyes and ears checked, chest listened too and quick abdomen check. Others seem to involve much more and some form of undressing which we did not have to do . Our costs for 2 adults and 1 child including xrays and extra blood tests for tattoos each adult was 475.



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