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      The Blaze's

      Smile Hi Everyone...

      If our skills visa's come through ok, we are looking at moving to Adelaide in Sept 08, can anyone give us any idea's of what area's to look at living with goods schools for the kids...

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      hello 'the blazes' and welcome!

      how exciting that you are so close to moving! how's the packing up going? and the house sale? how big is your family ..??!!?

      well in regards to 'what area' - it has been discussed many times but in the end it depends on what you are looking for.
      beach? hills? city? where is your work? - then i'd say you can narrow it down a bit

      good luck!

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      The Blaze's
      Hi, I work in shipbuilding and my wife is a Nurse and will be bringing 2 kids with us, someone mentioned that Flagstaff Hill is a good area?, don't what to be in the city really, just want the kids to have a good school/area so its easier for them to settle.

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      Hi, we are also looking at moving next september. Can't come quick enough.

      Flagstaff Hill is an area we have looked into but you just don't know until you get there.

      Good luck and have fun researching areas.

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      Hi and welcome to PIA

      Flagstaff Hill is lovely - very leafy and green but we found it too hilly with a little one as we wanted her to be able to go out and ride her bike so found a flatter suburb :D

      It depends on what you want from life here as to where you live - we wanted flat area for easy playing, close to beach, close to school (as I do not drive yet), close to shops, good public transport links and got them all so ideal for us here :D

      Have a good look around when you arrive and narrow down some areas - but be wary asking on a forum about where to live as what is good for someone may be your worst nightmare


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      Welcome to PIA!

      My husband and I rented in Flagstaff Hill when we first got here. I really liked it. Like Lisa said its nice and leafy, quite quiet and has local shops on hand.

      But like has been said before, don't make up your mind until you get here and have a good tour round.
      We thought we'd be staying there but actually bought our home in Hallett Cove. :D

      Judi x

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      We live just down the road from Flagstaff hill and we love it here.
      Its close to the South road which takes you to the city or to Victor Harbor the other way.
      Flinders hospital is 10mins away for nursing.
      Ship building? I guess you mean docks etc. In which case that will be about 45 mins to an hour away.
      Schools are good and there are plenty of facilities.


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      The Blaze's
      Hi 'MOTLYMAN ' Im looking at working at the ASC yard that is based in Osborne, as i work in a shipyard building Nuclear Submarines at the moment, With a hospital being only 10mins away it would be ok for the wife, but i don't that i could handle having to drive an 1hr to work and back everyday!! So might have to look at somewhere in between


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