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      Hi from 'elderly' SIR applicant!

      Hi, we have just discovered this site and think it is fab! It's great to see so many other Brits going through the same emotions etc also fantastic advice. We are a family from Birmingham who have just started the long process of applying for a SIR visa. We had hoped to go to Melbourne last year when my husband (IT project manager) got down to the last two for a job. Unfortunately, another Brit was offered it who then turned it down (GRRRRR) However, having looked at SA and Adelaide, we feel that it's the right place for us and the kids. We now have to apply based on me as a teacher as my husband is 46, I am 45 in October so we have to get our skates on. A quick question, I have applied to have my skills assessed by the TA and also to register with the SA TRB, was this right? We would appreciate any advice for teachers and also job opportunites for IT project managers.


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      Hi and welcome :-)
      I can't answer your questions I'm afraid though.

      I arrived at the prime age of 40.

      More Brummies!
      My best mate Pete is a Brummie- there seem to be loads here.I think there is a Brummie meetup club down at Glenelg.

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      No experience with your question I'm afraid but their are a couple of members on here who are teachers so I am sure they will be on here to help you out :lol:

      Good luck with the skills assessment and your visa when the time comes :lol:

      Lisa :D

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      Hi both thanks for the replies. Lisa your site is brilliant, are you getting excited now it's so close to you going, or are you having any doubts. I keep wondering how I will feel when it actually comes to going (hopefully - fingers and everything crossed for the skills assessment!) and leaving mum and friends. The Brummie get togethers sound great Tyke and thanks for the link for accomodation, it looks lovely - is it spider free I'm feeling a bit paraonoid having read the spider/beestie threads - think I will invest in a bee-keepers outfit :lol:


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      Hi Cari
      Glad the website is useful :lol:

      Not nervous yet - just very excited at the prospect of starting a new life in what looks to be a beautiful country and enjoying the adventure!

      Getting very impatient waiting now that the end is so near :roll: want to get that visa so we can get the final bits organised and count down without the 'if we get the visa' bit in front of every sentence :mrgreen:


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      I'm SOOOO envious, it seems such a long process, especially as we really thought we were going last year :cry: I just hope my skills assessment goes OK. Might then start to think it will happen. Our eldest son (just 16) is not keen at the moment as he is in lurve. He went to Oz in the summer with school on a hockey tour and came back full of enthusiasm but those teenage hormones are racing now :) I'm really scared of the spider thing though - what a wus! :oops:


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      I really used to hate spiders - would freeze and feel sick at seeing the tiniest of the things :shock: Last year we moved into a rental after selling our house which has a huge garden so we get loads of spiders in the house and some BIG ones :(

      Funnily enough I am now not as bad so think I have got used to them a bit although still not looking forward to my first encounter with a huntsman :shock:


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      Our son stayed with a host family in Shell Harbour just outside Sydney and as he also is not keen on spiders (my fault I guess!) he asked them if there were any spiders in the house. The dad said no worries mate, there's just Dave - when he asked who Dave was, he said he was their 'pet' huntsman! :roll: who they kept to kill the other more nasty spiders!. He said don't worry, he'll only give you a bit of a bite like a cat!. Our son said he didn't sleep all night, especially when he heard something moving around in his room which knocked over his hockey stick bag! He also saw red-backs but came back saying - you get used to it and it's not too bad - I'm not convinced :?

      Cari :)

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      Quote Originally Posted by RandC
      Our son said he didn't sleep all night, especially when he heard something moving around in his room which knocked over his hockey stick bag!
      Cari :)
      OMG How big do those spiders get :lol: :lol: :lol: Will stock up on bug spray/bug bombs/hairspray (thanks Tyke) and hand held little hoover to suck them up :lol:

      We now have to retrain our 4 year old to stay away from spiders as we always bought her up that they won't hurt her!! :shock:


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      apparently, 'Dave' was bigger than a dinner plate!! :shock: I know what you mean I have to re-educate my 7 year old who is very keen on any wildlife (ate centipedes until the age of 3!) Bushtucker trial would hold no fears for him :lol:


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