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      Ayup! I've been looking on the web lately for a forum such as this, been living in Adelaide for nearly 6 years but the first 5 of 'em I was engaged/married to an Aussie girl. I kind of put all my eggs in one basket too, didn't make any friends of my own during those years, plus we had a baby, who's now 3 and my pride and joy. So anyway I'm here in Adelaide by myself now and looking to make some mates of my own. I'm in the North East and work on the Parade.

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      Hi Philip welcome to the forum, there will be loads of people on here for you. Where were you from in the UK?

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      I've moved around a fair bit, originally from Warrington, but have lived in Didsbury, Hazel Grove, Edge Hill and here in cold, rainy Adelaide! Come back sunshine...

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      Hi and welcome. We're up in the NE as well. I've been here about 1 1/2 yrs now and am married to an Aussie bloke, although try to make an effort to meet people outside of his social circle as well.
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      Noticed a lot of people here are couples, whereas I'm single - don't worry, I'm not looking to date! But are there any other singles here, strugglin' to build some kind of a social life like I am!?


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