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      Yorkshire lass

      boo hoo

      Just arrived back from Adelaide and had to leave my partner behind whilst l wait to have my teacher quals assessed and THEN apply for an SIR visa!! Can anyone give me an idea how long this takes! I want to be out there again by crimbo. x

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      Not sure how long it takes the skills to get assessed but the SIR495 seems to be 5-7 months at the moment due to the changes coming into effect on the 1st September. Don't forget if you are applying for SIR you will also need to apply for sponsorship so am guessing somewhere around the 9-12 month mark maybe for the lot? Ours took 9 months from start to finish.


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      Just realised you are a teacher - any reason why the SIR visa and not a PR as thought this would be on the modl list :o


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      Yorkshire lass
      l'm new to this but whats modl!

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      The Migration Occupations in Demand List .


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      sorry can't help with the timeline just wanted to say 'hello and welcome'

      oh and come on! you've just come back from our dream destination - we want some impressions!!!! :D

      i take it your partner is aussie?? or why else did you have to 'leave him behind'?

      good luck!


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