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      Question Seriously considering

      Hi all.

      Having experienced Adelaide as a wonderful place ( and have the wife's brothers and Dad living there), i am seriously considering coming out there. Selling the house here wont be a major issue, nor will having my wife apply as she is a brit citizen, but a former resident of Australia in her ealry years (0-15 yrs).

      Im worried though. It means uprooting and leaving everyone here, just bring wifey and two youngsters ( 5 yrs and 9 months). Also dont have a job to come to and am interested in advice to help this part - which to me is the most important at this stage.

      I am a qualified counsellor (therapist in humanistic counselling) and am experienced iin working in the drugs/alcohol rehab fioeld. I am a programme manager for a 12 step programme at present.

      How will this experience and a diploma qualification affect my options? And i wish to live/work in Adelaide?


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      hello and welcome!!
      if going to adelaide is your goal then you have come to the right place.
      there is always someone who can help or at least point in the right direction!

      unfortunately it's not me this time :D - we've only just sent our visa application off and we are going under oh's skills as a fitter -
      but we have the same worries in regards to jobs, children, living ...

      but just hang in there - others will join in soon!

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      Jane & Tony
      Don't worry!!!
      First find out if your particular trade is on the demand list, then get an agent. They are expensive but worth their weight in gold. If you get the visa application wrong it costs a lot of money and you can't apply again for two years if you fail.
      We are using Ian Harrop & associates. We haven't been with him for long but he is v good so far and has been reccomended on this site several times now

      Good luck
      It is a muc better lfe over there for you and your kiddies

      J&T x

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      This site is great for gathering info and reassurance!
      I have the same worries we are both (but mainly Lee) leaving good jobs and a lovely home to move out to Aus and we havn't even been there. I often worry if we will be able to get good jobs that are equal to what we have here, unlike others we will still have to have a mortgage as we are going out with limited funds! However the draw for us is the quality of life Australia offers and the fact that our children will have a greater chance of securing a decent future and life!

      I can't really help you with reagrds to your personal circumstances, but i'm sure there will be someone who can guide you in the right direction, i just wanted you to know that there are others who have the same concerns!

      Good luck



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      Hiya and welcome :D

      I am guessing your wife is an aussie citizen already so can get you a visa as her spouse so you have no worries about your skills being listed etc

      We all have the same worries about coming over (we came over without even seeing the country and knew nobody here ) - I guess it just comes down to wanting to live here. If you want to live in Adelaide then just go for it and with luck everything will fall into place for you when you get here.

      Can't help with the job front I'm afraid but maybe an idea would be to google potential employers and find out some info from them?


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      Many thanks for your reply Lisa. Unfortunately Wifey isnt a citizen as her parents split many years ago and didnt have the forethought in keeping dual citizenship. So i believe we will have to apply through her as a former resident?

      I will be Googling the web to see what's about in Adelaide, and hopefully something will pop up. How on Earth Im supposed to attrend an interview on the other hand!!!! :)

      Kind Regards


      Hi Nikki!

      many thanks for your reply, it eases the worries a little when you are aware that you are not alone in concerns! Like yourself, my thoughts about Oz are primarily about the potential possibilities for my two boys- who if we were to move fairly soon, will be affected less because of their age and only just starting school (year 1!).

      Good luck in your experiences - who knows perhaps one day we can have a laugh about it all under a huge blue sky drinking a cold stubbie!!!

      Kind regards

      Paul :)
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