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      moving to auz


      My name is Mandy & my family & I are seriously thinking about moving to Australia. My husband is a painter & decorater by trade but hasn't worked in tha field for quite some time. He is also 46 years old, I know they have just upped the age limit for getting into Australia but i'm not sure what it is. I really dont know where to start. Would appreciate any advise on how to get the ball rolling.

      Thanks for taking time to look

      Mandy from UK;)

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      Hi Mandy,

      Welcome to PIA. The first thing you need to do is a point score to see if can qualify.


      That link should help.


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      Hi Mandy and welcome to PIA :)
      I thought the age limit was still 45? I know there have been loads of rumors floating about for a couple of years of them upping it but don't think it has gone up so far

      Sorry don't want to be all negative but you say that your husband is painter/decorator by trade but not done this for some time. This is the current guidelines -
      • If your nominated occupation is worth 60 points (see the points for your nominated occupation on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL), you must have been in paid employment in a skilled occupation (any on the SOL) for at least 12 of the 18 months before applying.
      • If your nominated occupation is worth 40 or 50 points, you must have been in paid employment in a skilled occupation (any on the SOL) for at least two of the three years before applying.
      • For certain occupations, a longer period of specific work experience is required to obtain a suitable skills assessment (eg manager).
      If I were you I would have a free chat to a reputable agent to see what your chances are


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      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks very much for your quick response, it is much appreciated. My friend moved over to Adelaide last year so she is going to keep me informed. Looks like i need to take up a trade then, I'm only 35 so will hopefully have a better chance.

      Thanks again!!


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      Hi Mandy,

      I am also 35 and in a position similair to yours. Is my understanding correct in that you will learn a trade here and now in the u.k and then apply.



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      Hi Hem,

      Yes that's what I thought about doing, although my sister-in-law & I are going to go to a convention in York, There are experts on hand & advice on how Brits can move abroad. Where about's do you live? it might be worthwhile you going to a similar event, the ticket's cost 10, I can give you more details if you are interested?


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      Hi Mandy,

      I live in Clapham, SW London. Yes please do send me the details. I will try and visit to get some information on how I can get a visa for Oz. Anything to ease my tension that I have at the moment.

      Many Thanks for your help! Very kind of you.

      Hem Patel


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      emigrate show

      Hi Hem,

      There are 2 show venue's

      1. York Racecourse, Knavesmire Road, York, YO23 1EX on Sat 29th & Sun 30th Sept

      2. Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ 6 & 7th Oct

      if you go to www.emigrateshow.co.uk you can book tickets online.

      Hope this helps


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      Hi Mandy,

      Many thanks for this. I will attend one of the shows. Thanks again.




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