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      Hello from newbie

      Hi Guys, been hangin round various sites for a while checking out Oz prospects etc, and have now landed here! Weve sent in the visa and are coming in March '08 for a recce to Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, then finally Cairns and a rest in the rainforest. Perth sounds lovely but expensive, what would you say are the selling points for Adelaide? Im only just starting to look into this area so would appreciate honest views, warts and all, so to speak.Great site, by the way, cheers!

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      Hi There and welcome!!

      You`ll love australia i`m in adelaide and a little biased but just came back from cairns(PT DOUGLAS) and it`s such a beautiful place and the climate is so lovely this time of the year!!

      Good Luck

      PS; Adelaide is Affordable,Clean,Has gorgeous beaches,Fab shopping,Great Wineries,South of Adelaide is only 30mins fron CBD,

      Warts are the freeway is only one way at cetain times of the day(EmbaraSSING) BUT IM BEING HONEST


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      We like the laid back feel of Adelaide - cannot compare to other states as we have not been but it does seem to be cheaper cost of living wise :o

      Adelaide does have seasons though and winters here are a lot cooler than elsewhere in OZ so if you are after year round warmth and sun it may not be for you - otherwise cannot fault it so far :)


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      We like Adelaide due to the fact that it still appears to have some history compared to Perth where all of the older houses get knocked down and rebuilt, and Adelaide is the smallest city so far less frenetic than all the others. We have been very cold in Perth, particularly if you go South of the city to Albany, and I guess Melbourne would also be quite cold in Winter as it is the Southernmost city in Australia.
      When the word COLD is mentioned, the temperatures do not go down too low, but the nights can feel cold when at home because of the lack of insulation and central heating in most of the houses. I understand that the building standards are slowly improving, and better insulation is being installed, but still not up to European standards.


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