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      Wink We are new to this!


      We are the Ford family moved from Exeter in Devon to Semaphore in July. Martin had a job to go to (he works for the motor trade). I'm waiting to start work for Aussie Post for christmas,we have a daughter Jess and a son Tom.
      At firsted everything seems to be going well,the kids were settling in.Tom takes everything in his stride,as for our Jess she has been in party mode!.Now the bubble has burst and Jess now wants to go home!.Home sickness has arrived!,not just for Jess a little for me, I love the people here,everyone is friendly the weather, what can I say!!.
      Like we all do, miss our families and friends.
      Are there any teenagers out there who feel the same?.
      We would love to meet up with familes like us and are looking forward to the next "Adelaide meet up"!.

      Kate (39 and 11 months)
      Martin (46) into motorsport.:)
      Jess (14) The great escape in on!
      Tom (12) loves football oops sorry soccer

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      Hi Kate
      Don't worry, it's perfectly normal - a bit like post traumatic stress syndrome I think, once you've got all the organising stuff out of the way, it suddenly hits you!
      I've got kids similar ages to yours - daughter who's just turned 15 and son of 12, but we've been here five years now so I think the ages ours were probably made it a bit easier.
      Now that the decent weather seems to have arrived, I'm sure things will start brightening up for you - by the way, spoke to the manager of the Royal Adelaide Yacht Club at the end of the peninsula the other day - he's an ex pom too and said it's great up there for a glass of wine of an evening. Might be worth a trip up there on Friday night to remind the whole family what you came here for, as you sip a cold one, watching the sun set!
      Hope the homesickness fades a bit for you soon
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Thanks for your kind words Diane, sounds a lovely idea!.

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      My name is Marie. My family and I moved here mid september. we Know how you feel. My Eldest is only 8 and he is struggling. so am I. We are only in Taperoo, so not far from you. My kids are a bit younger but if u need a coffee and a chat we are only around the corner,
      One great thing we have found for the kids and for us is surf lifesaving. North Haven. very friendly bunch and alot of poms.
      All the best and stay in touch. Oh and the adelaide get togethers brilliant...


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