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      Quote Originally Posted by mOZzy View Post
      congratulations on your move!!!
      how was the whole process for you? and how is the living where you are??

      good luck with your 'new' life
      well when i look back, it seems that it wasnt so bad but i know in reality that there were days when we spent our whole day filling in forms and getting 'certified photocopies' done and stressing over the TRA and how we could go back over Richards work history of 20 years ( He's a chippie).But once the phone calls started telling us thet we were 'through' tyo the next round and then the next etc, it really snowballed and suddenly it was time to sell the house and get quotes for shipping our stuff over- do get a couple of quotes and i would suggest get ones from those companies who will actually come out to your house , not ones who want you to self assess and fax it over !! Once we had arrived, the aussies make things very easy, we bought a car in the 2nd week, new driving licences arrived in 10 days, all signed up for medicare on day 9, tax file numbers 3 weeks, got a house in 8 weeks and 1st home owners grant was easy all apporved and paid to us on completion of
      house sale.!!! We live in Seaford, which we liked when we came over last year, its close to shops, banks schools and of course the lovely beach. If you want to learn to surf then theres a good surf club here and lessons are available to any age. Hope this helps you when you feel swamped by paperwork and those doubts start to creep in ( we had them momentarily- usually about 3am when i'd wake up panicking wondering what had we done and could we back out ! ) Glad we didnt, it will be worth it when you arrive and the words TRA, statutory declaration and sublass 136 are all a distant memory !
      lots of luck

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      nice reply - exactly what the doctor ordered ;)

      i know you are right and once we are over we'll look back with a smile and say 'it wasn't THAT hard ...' - i just wish we were there already

      you make it sound all so easy with getting all the things done in oz; i am glad for you that at least something in the whole process was easy!

      so how is 'every day life' now??

      and have you got kids? if yes how old? and how are they coping?


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