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      Thumbs up New Member but easy going guy!

      Hi all.

      Let me introduce myself.My name is Horacio happy 20 year skilled Boat Builder and Repair.457 SIR visa holder.
      Iam living whit My wife Maria Eugenia in Glenelg and love that.
      We was born In Buenos Aires Argentina in 73.

      We moved here last year in November . I work at Londsdale as a Manager for Force Field paddleboards,skis boat and lifesaving equipment.

      We are very happy in our love Land Oz,We were living for a while (9 months) at the North of NSW and Queensland 99/2000.

      Iam a beachboy,Surfer,Outrigger (hawaiian canoe coach) at Adelaide Outriggers Canoe Club.and fisherman (only for hobby after paddling and surfing LOL).

      Favorite beer Coopers sure!

      My wife is serious than me LOl.she is an haemotheraphist thechnician (blood) and is preparing her application to work here.

      I have the one year full time work done,and I have not idea about what's the next step on the near future to apply for the permament visa.I recon there is different visas and I Will need to pay some fees but the information that I found on internet it is too much for me and looking for some advice .I found this cool forum and from Adelaide that's soo much better for us.

      To end I would like to say for all those people thinking in move here,or all those having problems to find a good job here at the moment,Be good,good luck all, and best wishes !.

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      Welcome to the forum- nice first post!!!!:):)

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      Welcome to you, glad to hear your doing so well and happy :)

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      Nice to meet you guys!Do you know some member in same situation like me SIR visa killed? going to permament?


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