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    Thread: I'm newww!!!

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      I'm newww!!!

      Hi guys!

      Just moved here 3 weeks ago and luvin it....not homesick at all yet!!! I'm a Londoner, 31, and have moved here with my husband Nick, 34, who is from Adelaide and has lived in London for the past 9 years. Also 17 weeks pregnant so looking for some friends who may know anything about setting up nursery, baby groups etc in a new country, eek!!

      So far have been squidding in Port Hughes, penguin watching at Victor Harbour and just enjoying the sunshine, yey!

      Staying with the inlaws at the mo while we find jobs. Have just set up on my own as a sole trader as have been offered some marketing/PR roles.... and being up the duff isn't the best time to find a permanent job!!

      Anyways, looking forward to meeting you all on 11 Dec!

      Jen x

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      Welcome to PIA!!

      Glad you seem to be enjoying yourself! You meetin the girls on the 11th....? There is a blokes drink as well at the cove tavern!

      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      Hi Jen

      How are you and welcome

      Im from Adelaide and lived in the uk for 8 years and Hubby is south african and lived inthe uk for 12yrs.
      Congrats on being pregnant,Iv just had my second child girl ,so have lots of experience ,well so i think...live in paralowie and ,oved back home 1 yr ago,hubby first time here and took a while to get used to living and the ozzie way but we are or he is gettng used to it now...


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      Hiya jen
      I'm Debbie and from East London been in Adelaide 13 yrs now though
      Welcome :)

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      Hi Jen,

      We met at the women's networking function a few weeks ago. Its Anna. I have just set up my HR counsultancy. I decided to check this website out after you mentioned it to me.

      Hey I would love to catch up. We live in Highbury which isn't to far from you. You could come round for BBQ and see my little 6 month baby or we could go for coffee.

      Look forward to hearing from you


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      Cor blimey guvnor....nah only only kidding wlecome to PIA enjoy your stay here...were generally a nice bunch of guys on here..post all your good stuff and also any worries and concerns you may have..



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