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      Talking New to the forum, not new to Adelaide

      Hi all.....I'm so glad to have found this forum because my husband and I would love to meet some English people here in Adelaide. I'm Lisa, 38, Australian (born in Coventry) and John is 39 (big 4 - O next year!), a Geordie, lived here for 22 years (hasn't shaken the accent completely). We live in Gumeracha - we can see the big rocking horse from our front garden - and we work in the city. We would love to catch up with some members at some stage....I have been looking at the social events and wondering if there is a group catch up sometime before christmas or even christmas drinks, seems a good way to end the year!

      Love to hear from some of you....until then, take care. ;)
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      Hi there

      Im helen adelaide born ,hubby south African ,hoever we both lived in the uk for 12years moved here as a family (2 girls) 1 year ago.I too am looking for like minded people.I lived in Bays water then met Hubby and lived near heathrow.

      We live in Paralowie Hubby Martin is a tiler and im a stay at home Mum,I work in the beauty industry...


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      Hi glad you found the site there are lots of get togethers - organising 1 in glenelg before xmas you are both welcome to join us, if the distance is an issue then please post saying the area you are in I am sure you will be able to meet up with other brits, hopeful near to where you are, we have made some really good friends through this site & as you have been here so long I am sure you will have lots to contibrute!! x

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      yes interested in kmas do let me know regards dates.......


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      hi its is on the 11th December at the Wharf on glenelg marina I will be counting the numbers the day before so let me know if it suits! x

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      Hi thanks for the date I see its on a friday ,What time is it.....


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