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      me again, anyone had meds at handsworth wood in birmingham recentley??? did the contact your g.p. for your medical records and history??

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      welcome to the forum! Can't help with meds in Brimingham as we had ours in Southampton but they did not contact our GP.

      Lisa :D

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      Bex & Nick

      We had our meds at Handsworth at start of Jan. They needed some additional info from my doctor because of an illness I had throughout most of last year. They give me a form stating what it is that is required from the GP and I then gave it to my GP.

      They don't always need copies of your medical notes, but I was seeing a consultant until the day before the medical - fortunately have been signed off now (got told to go and have a good life! :lol: )

      I could have let my GP send the notes directly to Handsworth but have had problems previously in getting copies of my notes sent from the GP to various places, so I went and collected it from my GP and then sent it on by reg. post to Handsworth. My GP charged 11 for the info too.

      Oh yes, the other thing I had to supply was my latest cervical smear results which was a pain because my results had been lost in transfer between GPs when I moved 12 months ago!

      Anyway, I've just had confirmation from Handsworth today that everything is in order and that the meds and X-rays have been couriered off to Oz.

      I thought that the Docs at Handsworth were very efficient and reasonably priced too - 365 for medical x 2, X-ray x 2 and blood tests x 2.




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