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      Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced hairdresser??

      Hi All , Mrs Fulwood here

      I have now been resident in Adelaide for 4 months and I'm in desperate need to have my hair done.

      I've been inhibited by the cost as things have been a little tight as we set up our new life here.

      How I so took my once every seven week trip to the hair salon for granted in the UK!

      my roots are now branches and since I have some Xmas money, I'm going to hopefully get my hair done.

      please please please does anyone know a good hairdresser that is reasonably priced - a mobile hairdresser perhaps. I live on the western side of Adelaide.

      hope someone out there can help

      Kind regards

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      Hello, i just got a full head colour ( 2 colours in foils ) cut and blow at cutting concept in Semaphore high street, it cost 145 dollars, a bit pricey but i couldn't leave it any longer ! think thats the cheapest on semaphore high street.... good luck

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      Sarahsmartiepants on here, she is in Hallet Cove but well worth going to!

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      Hi I get mine done by a hairdresser in near immanuel college, just off morphett road, she has a salon at her home - so a proper sink, etc! colour, cut & blow dry MAX $100 normally less!!! she is really good but really busy if you would like me to give you her number please pm me ingram.pink@yahoo.com,
      steph x


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