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      Hello and welcome guys

      What you are feeling is all perfectly normal and with young children, life just goes on really. We did not do a reccie because both Guzzler and I had travelled a far bit (i had visited Oz before but not Adelaide) and also the cost involved with children too, we decided to go for it and if we hated it, we could always come back.

      15 months on we love it and have not looked back once. Watch out though, once your visa comes through, you think the hard bit is over, but then there is selling the house (and all the complications that comes with that), the removal companies coming in and packing you up, the goodbyes ......

      Once you are in car on the way to the airport, there is no feeling like it!!!! Except the touchdown in Adelaide and your new life awaits you - and IT IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!

      Good luck ...

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      Hi Jo welcome, Ive only been on site for few days its g8, makes you feel your not alone in your quest. We went on recci for two wks, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, with out kids Ethan 9 Jacasta 8, the hardest thing was leaving the kids. We really liked Ad so have chosen that, if things change we will have to reassess. But it is the most scary/ exciting thing we've done, we've also sold the house which I love, no visas yet!, and moving in with family for ??? But we believe its for the right reasons and if for some reason it does not happen well! We'll be gutted and have do something else. Good luck;)

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      Hi Jo

      Welcome to the forum. We are arriving in Adelaide on the 2nd of Nov I am manically preparing for the shippers at the moment. Our older two boys are 6 and 3 so fairly close to yours. Good luck with everything.



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