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    Thread: Just Arrived!!

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      Just Arrived!!

      We have just arrived and are temporarily in Coromandel Valley. Just wanted to know things like best Supermarkets etc., have discovered Woolworths and Coles but you don't see anybody doing a "full trolley" which makes us think that there must be another (possibly cheaper!!!). Anybody recommend good newspaper for job hunting? What about driving in Adelaide - what are the do's and don't including parking.

      Having spent the past 3 months of our lives in absolute chaos getting ready for the migration, it is nice to actually be able to relax. Now we just have to start searching schools for 3 children , long term rentals, jobs etc before I start at Flinders Uni on 1st March!

      Love to hear from anyone!!

      Three Jays

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      Kelly O
      Hi threejays
      Welcome to Adelaide. If you get The Advertiser on a Saturday this has some jobs. The careers section is starting to get thicker after thinning down over the Christmas break. Seek.com.au is worth checking every night to see what jobs have been put on.

      Parking -Sat and Sun only 20 cents for 3 hours right in the centre of the city at parking meters - not band for the city. More expensive in the week though. Somewhere they have early bird parking but don't really know about that. You probably already know- park on the same side you drive on- doing otherwise is a big no,no. Driving does seem a bit bonkers at first but you get used to it!

      Greengrocers or fruit and veg markets are the best bet for amazing deals in fresh fruit and veg rather than supermarkets.

      Anyway, best wishes with everything. I remember that feeling once we'd arrived after the hectic run up to migrating!
      Cheers, Kelly
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      Yours nearest shops would be Blackwood one way or Flagstaff hill the other depending which is closest.
      Quite a few shops at Blackwood so i would say its your best bet.
      Coles, Foodland and Woolies is about as big as your choice gets for food im afraid. Bit of a monopoly hense the high prices.
      The Advertiser is probably the best for jobs. Not sure which day it is but they have a huge section once a week.
      As for driving, ha ha, you will be in for a shock. It takes some getting used to. You will find drivers tail gateing big time. Lane changing when ever. Indicators mean im changing direction wether its safe or not so look out.
      Im not whinging as you do adapt to the style of driving here.
      We are in Flagstaff Hill round the corner from you.

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      Kelly O
      Forgot to say, there is also a smaller jobs section on a Wednesday in The Advertiser.

      Also if you are checking out schools for your kids the DECS SA website is pretty good and then check out the individual school websites and pop in and see them in action. My own kids are on holidays until 27th Jan and think most schools go back then. So probably best to leave it at least a week or so to see them up and running normally. Most schools have got extensive building work at the moment as they are being given lots of money to upgrade the buildings.


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      yeah i agree with motly...driving here is horrendous! u really need to look at ur wing mirrors...and they do tailgait here! but hey welcome to adelaide! hope you will be happy...


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