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      BBC wants brit expats.

      My name is Lara and I work for the BBC. I am currently researching for a series called 'Wanted Down Under', which is broadcast on BBC1. I just thought I would write a thread to see if anyone was interested in getting involved. I am looking for some quite specific groups of people to have a chat to about their move to Australia.
      I am looking for Welsh families that have come here to start a new life.
      I am also looking for a British self-employed wall and floor tiler that has started their own business here in Adelaide.
      I would love to hear from anyone from these areas or who might know of someone as I have described.
      With thanks and hope to hear from you soon,
      Lara Bickerton
      Adelaide Fixer
      BBC - Wanted Down Under

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      hi lara does it have to be welsh family? or a wall and floor tiler?

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      Quote Originally Posted by yenajisjaney View Post
      hi lara does it have to be welsh family? or a wall and floor tiler?
      Hello! Sorry if that was confusing.
      I am looking for a British Tiler.
      And for something completely different I am looking for a Welsh family!
      I hope that makes more sense!
      With thanks, Lara.



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