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      Police Officer wanting to move family to Adelaide.

      I am a Police Officer here in the UK and my occupation doesn't appear on the skilled shortage list.Does being a Police officer count for any points when applying to live in OZ?My wife is qualified in social work but where do I stand?I don't necessarily want to be a Police officer in OZ but surely my Profession counts for some points?
      Any advice please
      JJ. :D :?:

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      Hi JJ

      Not too sure on that one as I think under police you are sponsored in rather than applying independantly. It may be worth having a look at this site - http://www.police.sa.gov.au/sapol/ca...recruiting.jsp

      There are plenty of agents that will also give you a free phone consultation so may be worth giving some of them a call and see what they advise :lol:

      welcome to the foum!


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      Hi welcome to the site.

      Friends of ours also in Devon are hoping to go to SA. He is a Police officer and he is waiting to apply in March when apparentely there will be a new in take into the SA Police.

      Also if you have not been on this site I am sure you can get more help from fellow Policemen who have already made the move to Oz http://www.police-forum.com/forum/index.php

      Jan Midwife, Shane Loss Adjuster aand Oliver 13 and Gabriella 9.

      Just received my skills assessment and in the process of applying for SA Government sponcership and then the visa. Hoping to be in SA Jan 08.

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      Hi JJ,

      Why not email the SA Police Force direct and ask them about their overseas recruiting policy?

      My hubby was in the RAF for 22 years and he emailed the RAAF direct to ask about their oversea recruiting policy, they emailed straight back saying yes they did recruit from overseas but only experienced military people. Was he emailed them back to say he was interested he was assigned a case officer who helped us every step of the way and at each step we were asked if we still wanted to proceed.

      From the initial enquirey to landing in Oz took about 15 months and we were able to claim ALL expenses back inc medicals, phone calls to them, passports, hotel accom......the lot, they even paid for our flights over (business class) just the way they would pay if an aussie joined the RAAF. We have almost the same entitlements as aussie recruits but not all the same entitlements.

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      SA Police Recruiting NOW

      Hi JJ

      SA police are recuiting now and the closing date is 22/02/07. They require 3 years experience and you must be available to start on a training course in September '07. Check out the SAPOL website for further information.
      I only know this as my husband is just in the process of applying. If you want to chat to a fellow bobby you can contact him on paul.schoie@virgin.net and I'm sure he'll be happy to discuss it with you.



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