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    Thread: 10 mths in........

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      10 mths in........

      we've been in adelaide 10 mths to the day and........

      well we still love it (sorry lol), i promise at 12 months we'll stop counting the months but for now it still seem a big deal lol

      i have had my down days but bleedin 'ell there's certainly more good days than bad (there's something about a blue sky ain't there?)

      i have my hubby (however annoying he may be AT TIMES lol) and i have my babies (2 staffies, ronnie n reggie), maybe i haven't found my dream job but i'm getting a regular bloody good wage (def' should be greatful i know x). australia is now my home and i plan to gain citizenship in just over 3 yrs time.....

      THANKYOU AUSTRALIA FOR ACCEPTING US AND GIVING US A CHANCE ( sorry if that's too cheesy lol)

      love ange xxx
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      Its great to see you are settling well.

      We all have "those days" it's only natural.

      The blue sky is totally amazing, brings an instant smile to your face

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      Glad you are enjoying it still. :)


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