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    Thread: to move or not to move?

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      to move or not to move?

      Hi everyone I'm another newy who has been dreaming about emigrating to Adelaide for 6yrs (since having our 1st child). 2 children later and we are here again wishing and hoping we were there!
      Looking through all the sites (and they are many) my head is aching already.
      So my one question is shall we take the plunge and just do it? :)

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      The Dimmocks
      Hi, We have always talked and dreamt about moving and are so close to our dreams becoming reality it a great feeling. I say do it, if it something you want and are able to. Life is short and I want to make the most of it for us and our kids.

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      Only you can make the decision to move or not. As Michelle says life is short but you have to be sure it's for you. I say give it a go you never know but research is the key.

      Good luck
      Michelle, Phil, Nathan, and Libby. PR175 arrived Oct 2009

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      Thank you both for your replies.

      We have had the forms filled ready to post and found out I was expecting number 2 and the draw of family support with 2 little ones was too much of a pull.

      My little ones are 6 and 3 and at school which has made us think again. I hate the idea of not being able to plan for the weekend as the weather always spoils our plans! I also hate the fact that after school it's back to indoor play because it's dark and cold even in summer.

      I dont expect a life changing move but little changes to family life can only benefit the kids.

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      A few snippets from me.

      As said,it's up to you.

      We came for a challenge and change in lifestyle - got that in spades!

      Quality of life is sooooooo important.

      Financially you will be no better off and in fact a lot worse off (probably) for the first year or two.
      Then the pieces of the jigsaw lock in and you move forward.
      If the exchange rate /housing market were different well then it is a lot easier.

      No rosy coloured glasses.

      Get the kids out as early as possible.

      It's a big change for some and they cannot cope with it.

      The weather does play a big part here.

      We've been here nearly 10 years now and it feels like home - I reckon the UK has passed me by now;)

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      "So my one question is shall we take the plunge and just do it? :) "

      The smiley face tells me you have already made your mind up!!:v_SPIN:

      Go for it, cos in another 6 years it will be alot harder!

      Morbid thought i know, but, think what you will say to yourself on your death bed if this has been eating you up for your whole life, and remember you can always go back

      Good luck with making your mind up, see you in Adelaide next year eh?;)

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      We had this same dilemma. Well, Keeley did. She has a twin sister and are as close as can be. You can imagine how hard it was for her to actually go through with it.

      Since coming here i have realised my trade pays peanuts when compared to the UK, i would be earning more than double my current salary in the UK. We have found it very very hard finacially since getting here as we came with very little money. The Adelaide winters are truly awfull when you don't have central heating like home lol. I could go on listing things that are so bad about here.

      It really doesn't matter though, for us the good far outways the bad. The kids absolutely love it here, the lifestyle is fantastic and we are so happy. Keeley's twin recently visited for the first time, it was one of the most emotional things i have ever witnessed. Even she told keeley never to come home and just how amazing it is. She is now seeking way's to get here herself.

      Of course everybody is different. Some do hate it and never settle. What i do know though is that if you don't atleast try it you will forever regret it.
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      What have you got to lose? You could come out here and hate it but you can always return to the UK. On the other hand you could love it. The worst option is to stay put and every now and then ask yourself ' what if? '

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      Financially you will be no better off and in fact a lot worse off (probably) for the first year or two.
      Then the pieces of the jigsaw lock in and you move forward.

      Quite right Tyke.
      Very wise words.
      We are coming up to year 3 and finally moving forward.
      The first 18 months we went backwards, the next 12 months we were stagnent!!!
      Finally moving forward!!!!

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      we thought about it few years ago,
      did nothing,
      thought about it some more did nothing due to outer family circles
      done something and are now hoping,

      with age being an issue, in 18 months or so hubby could be too old, as long as you have family in UK, you have something / someone to go back to should it not work out,

      whilst on PIA you have family / friends here before you even move so help all way round

      all in all still your decision

      Good Luck

      Hope you make the right decision for you, your partner and your children



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