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      Sponsored visa

      Just been sitting here thinking I'm a bit worried that I don't have enough points to get my visa and have also done some research into a sponsored visa, if I could find a employer in my trade who would take me on would be an idea looking into?? Be good to here if anyone else has had this trouble but has been sucessful
      Johnny 31, Charlie 29 and Sam 2. Want to live in Adelaide!!!!

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      Hi Johnny
      What do you both do for a living? If you are on the skills list you can work out your points from there to give you an idea.

      We could only scrape 105 together then applied to SA for sponsorship which gave us another 10 so we just had enough to go for the SIR 495 visa. :lol:

      Not enough for one of the permanent skilled visas but we don't care as long as we can get to Australia!!! :D


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      I'm a Sales manager and have been so for seven out of the last ten years and my wife works with people with special needs which see has done for around 6 years. The problem I can see is that all are training has been done in house so we don't really have any qualifacations to go with the job. We have now got are heart on moving to Australia and just very worried that we won't be excepted

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      It is possible to get a skills assessment without qualifications if you have enough experience. I know of a general manager that has just got his visa with no qualifications and my husbands TRA was solely work based as well.

      Definitely think it's worth a chat to one of the agents for advice even if you then do it alone. We used Go Matilda and they will chat your options through with you and give you a realistic idea of if you could get a visa or not on your skills for free.

      Lisa :D

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      Thanks Lisa!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!

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      Lisa!! Did your husband apply for the TRA from the AIM?

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      No his skills was TRA as a trade skill. Yours for a manager goes under professional which would be AIM

      Lisa :D



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