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      nurse matilda

      another newbie

      Hi, I am new to this site just a quick hello, hoping to eventually move to Adelaide in the future. I am a district nurse my husband is a buyer, any info on these occupations in adelaide would be really helpful.

      We are interested in Saeforde and surrounding areas, looking at other costal suburbs with commuting to Adelaide, also hope to bring dog Louis as well.

      Any ideas or info in these areas hope to visit in 2008 and ?apply for visa soon after.

      Glad I found this site.

      Speak soon.:D

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      HI and welcome to the forum :o

      We live in Port Noarlunga South which is the suburb next to Seaford and we love it here. It has everything we need as a family and we have been extremely lucky to find a group of very good friends since moving here

      Let me know anything you want to know about Seaford and will try and answer for you. There are lots of nice coastal suburbs to chose from depending on your house budget and what sort of thing you are looking for from your new life here :)

      Can't help much on the jobs front I'm afraid


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      Hi welcome to PIA. I think nursing in general is on the MODLE and I have heard a a couple of nurses who have acctualy got jobs lined up for them befor they went. On lass in particula went over for a holiday to visit her brother not even intending to emigrate ended up coming back with a job offer and applying for visa!!!!!Some holiday
      good luck

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      Hello again! Small world!! Ha
      Judi x:D

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      hi guys welcome to PIA loads of friendly people and great info to be found , good luck.
      Cheers Graham & Jacqui

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      hello hello and welcome!!!

      good luck with all your decisions!
      this is a great site so fire away your questions :D

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      russell 12
      Hi Matilda

      we are new to the site too. I am just finishing my nurse training( next week actually) and i have managed to secure a post at a private hospital in Adelaide. The royal Adelaide has lots of nursing jobs and i am sure you wont find it too difficult to get a job. Cant help much with community jobs though i'm afraid as this is not my field. If you plan to visit i would suggest you get a CV and personal statement together and arrange visits with some of the hospitals.

      Hope to speak again soon

      Russell 12


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